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Machetazo, Gronibard, Rompeprop and others - Bloodshed Festival 7
Bloodshed 7 was about to begin, and 3 people of were anxious to get some ear pounding… Well, 2 people actually, the 3rd (Demondust) was there for Inhume and Collision. Me and Semen also went for those 2 bands, but we had a lot more to enjoy, like the uber gay frenchies Gronibard and the skull smashing band Splitter from Sweden. Also, I can’t forget Nashgul from Spain. Splitter and Nashgul both played on Obscene Extreme this year, but I wasn’t able to see it, because I don’t remember anything of it. Well, enough bollock talk, here’s the review. (M-C)
Small Stage
Anal Penetration
From The Ashes
Fuck That!
Big Stage:
Dirty Power Game
Small Stage:
Anal Penetration:
This band starts to become one of the bands I’ve seen live most of all the bands I’ve seen. I guess I always end up in bars where Roel with his one man project Anal Penetration has to play. Not that I think that’s bad though, because I really can appreciate the sounds this guy squirts out of his guitar and throat. I guess the drummer (an inflatable doll, which Roel always carries around to shows) was sick or finally dead after random mutilation in the moshpit. Anyways, the sound was hard and penetrating, just the right way. Let’s leave it at that, good show! (M-C)
From The Ashes:
Sweden’s From The Ashes is a relatively new band in the scene, but they’re rising fast. The band started in 2002 and has already released 2 demos, a 7” and a full length album. This gig is the first time I heard their Crusty Grind Core and I enjoyed it. I’m more of a Gore Grind fan, but straight up Grind Core is fine too sometimes. The small space in front of the small stage was really crowded and the sound was good. The band put up a nice show with a lot of energy. I guess this won’t be the last I’ve heard of From The Ashes. (Semen)
Fuck That!
I haven’t seen the whole performance of this band, because I was quite tired and in need of some rest. I’ve witnessed enough to write a review about it. The music was very crust grind orientated and extremely powerful, however the sound wasn’t optimal this time. The stage performance was wild as is normal with these bands, and the few yards in front of the stage weren’t save to go through. (M-C)
This Spanish band catched my attention with some tracks on the Old Fashioned Grindcore Assault II compilation disc with new and old grinding bands from Spain. The performance was brutal, and again very energizing. I was quite wasted already because of some brutal shows on the big stage, but this was just the kick I needed. The show was quite nice and the sound was traumatizing. I love this filth! (M-C)
This would be the third time I was going to see these frenchmen perform. I was really looking forward to this because Gronibard always have some stupid act besides their crazed out performance on stage. This time, they entered the stage half naked and fully naked or something in between. They instantly kicked off with some track I recognized, but don’t know the name of. Almost every song I heard, I recognized from their full length self-titled album, but they also played one song from the Satanic Tuning Club EP. The crowd was quite overwhelming and the temperature in the Bosuil was rising to boiling point. That was when I decided to watch this band from out of the entrance. Very nice show! (M-C)
Big Stage:
Dirty Power Game:
The first band to perform on the seventh Bloodshed festival in the Bosuil in Weert. I was totally unfamiliar with this band, but they performed quite well and the sounds were brutal. The music sounded something like Cripple Bastards, with some nice grinding parts in it. Obviously, the Bloodshed event was dedicated to Crust/Grind this year. Nice opener, but I guess there was need for more beer to get the people into moving. (M-C)
Thrash grinders Collision were second to play on the mainstage, and since I reviewed their album and got to know their songs a bit I was quite curious to this show. Since the PA at this stage is horrifyingly good, they sounded incredible. Way, and I mean waaaaaaaaaay better than how they sound on their records. They treated the audience to mostly new songs, with some older tracks mixed in between and I believe even a Napalm Death cover if I’m not wrong. They even got an enthusiastic response from some grindheads in the audience, which made the party complete. Outstanding performance indeed. (Demondust)
This band from Sweden was one band I missed playing on the Obscene Extreme festival. I was really looking forward to make up for that mistake by watching them now on Bloodshed. The thrashing/grinding music they played reminded me of a combination between Nasum and Rotten Sound, which are two bands that I really like. Hell fucking yeah on the sound and performance, because those two things were definitely superb. The band was really giving the crowd a good opportunity to bang some heads and to shake loose some limbs! Nice one. (M-C)
As always, Dutch Gore Grind heroes Rompeprop get the party started like no other band. Drunk as always, sloppy as always. But who cares: it’s only Grindcore! And just about the whole crowd is drunk anyway. Jores blasts like possessed, while Dennis riffs hard and pukes his pitchshifter/harmonizer vocals all over us. And like a real Rompeprop show has to be: Michiel is too damn drunk to find his bass guitar, let alone play it. I just laugh my balls off every time I see them. For people who don’t know what I’m talking about: this was a compliment. Besides all the well known songs, they played two new ones (I remembered one title: 'The Cleaveland Steamer'.) And they had the pleasant announcement that new studio material is coming soon. The show was great and got even better when a presenter of the Dutch television came onstage and was forced to take his very first stage dive ever. Dutch broadcasting network BNN had been following Rompeprop that day for a report on sex, drugs and rock ’n gore. A couple of days later I saw Rompeprop on Spuiten en Slikken, a television show where the pro’s and con’s of drugs and all kinds of things about sex are explored. I guess a lot of viewers were shocked by seeing these blood covered maniacs grind out their sick, brutal Porn Gore, which I love so much. I know the presenter was shocked, but he seemed to like it after all. Still, he didn’t join the band for some Jagermeister snorting after the gig. (Semen)
These Dutch monsters were actually supposed to finish the evening, but they asked for an earlier spot on the mainstage to ensure they had enough of a crowd. The guys have recorded their new album last year already, but they have such an asshole label, they hope it will be released in the beginning of next year. Their set on the other hand contained almost nothing other than tracks from the new album Chaos, Dissection, Order. We did get some old tracks though, like ‘Dead Man Walking’ and for the finishing track ‘Incineration Of The Body By Own Will’. A very energetic show by one of the best Dutch goregrind acts around. Keep an eye out for that new record! (Demondust)
Spanish Horror Gore Grinders Machetazo played their first gig in Holland. They seem to have quite a bunch of fans in the Lowlands, ’cause I heard a lot of people saying they came especially for this band. Only I don’t really understand why, ’cause personally I’ve never like Machetazo very much. The only thing that makes their music “Gore” are the lyrics and vocals. The music is just really chaotic, noisy Crust Core. Some parts are OK, but they last too short to make up for the bad stuff. I know one of their albums and I’m really glad they don’t use the same overload of samples and noise bullshit on stage. This is not my kind of band. The sound is good and loud, but it’s purely the music I dislike. Every song sounds exactly the same (that’s bad, coming from a Grind Core fan. :P ) I understand this is the headliner, because Machetazo is quite a big band and this being their first gig in Holland and all… but I would have liked Rompeprop to be last band of the night, even though de Bosuil is practically their home ground. By the way, the reason why I’m writing this part of the live view is that my fellow Metalragers didn’t really like Machetazo as well. It’s probably one of those bands you either really like or you really don’t. (Semen)
This edition of Bloodshed was a very noisy one. I can’t finish this review before mentioning that there were 2 or 3 Belgian dudes who did not sleep and partied the whole night. They were falling asleep in the venue and irritating people. That’s when the security (Yes, this is actually the first time I’ve seen security in action in the Bosuil) decided to throw them out, which they did not like. They were the ones screaming they payed 10 euro’s to watch Machetazo and very upset for not seeing this band. They actually made some swift attempts to get into the venue, but they were thrown out again after some time. The grindcore scene can be very weird, but I think the security handled quite harsh. Well, that’s it. A very entertaining evening with a lot of weed and beer. Keep those brutal gigs coming people! (M-C)