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Gronibard - We Are French Fukk You
Gronibard is an idiotic grindcore band from France who just released their second full length through Bones Brigade Records. Known for their hilarious live performances and ridiculous songs, the Frenchmen have come up with another record filled with obscene and retarded bullshit.
Gronibard is a goregrind band with a lot of rock ‘n’ roll influences in it, at least that's what they show themselves on We Are French Fukk You. It sort of resembles bands like Blood Duster, only way more retared, and French. Most of the lyrics are in French, or in mongoloid jibba jabba. Or with an extremely brutal pitchshifter of course.
Every fan of retarded and funny grindcore will get his or her kicks with this record I’d say. It has a good production, an awesome cover/artwork, some good rocking and grinding riffs and most of all, a shitload of stupid nonsense. I’m not gonna spoil any surprises though, just check the record out for yourself and check them out live if you have the chance. Drunk, if possible.
Gronibard - We Are French Fukk You
80/1001Details Bones Brigade Records
Released on Friday Sep 26th, 2008

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Nov 22nd, 2008

Tags: #Gronibard
Tracklisting 01. Tu Ressembles à l'Amour
02. Nuggets No Glory
03. Mongolito
04. Spectroum 1
05. We Are French Fukk You
06. Blah Blah Blah
07. Sous la Douche avec Miguel
08. Attention les Vélos
09. Cours Forrest Of Equilibrium
10. Anticrust Superstar
11. La Chanson Des Bisous
12. Crusty Boy
13. Cannibal Holocaust (Necrophagia cover)
14. Sprectroum 2
15. Petite Pute à Franges
16. Crève Ultra Vomit, Crève!
17. Hokoutra
Line up Anal Capone - lead vocals
Necronembourg - guitar and screams
Albatard - bass
Godemichel - drums
Mongolito - guitar