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Zone - Emerging Rockstars?
How strange can a package of bands be? On wednesday 13th Zone was playing in the Ekko in their hometown Utrecht with a couple of emo/rock bands, together called the Emerge festival. I found out that endogamy was the reason for this surprising package of bands; some guys were with two bands on stage tonight. Because we Metalragers weren’t interested in soft music I will only review Zone, wanna know whether they made our penises emerge into giant monsters tonight?
Zone was the only metal band playing tonight and because there weren’t a lot of metalheads present there wasn’t any mosh activity going on the entire show, but that actually wasn’t the only reason. The sound was really blurry and I could imagine that some of the songs were hard to follow if you didn’t know them. That’s too bad because they got a nu-metal background, with some quite simple but effective riffs which I can imagine usually easy gets a pit going on. Besides that they presented us with some nice, tight metal and where their old songs don’t really have much depth the new songs on their latest demo Conflict have more interesting layers. The title track has this catchy high guitar line, which is supported by a riff with some nice breaks, it was good to see that they can bring this live now with a second guitarist. 

It was only the second show for new guitarist Jelmer, who also sings and plays guitar in Try Drowning, and as far as I could hear through the blurry sound he did a good job, but he really has to loose that emo look because that was the only thing with which made him fell out of tone. Singer Eko screamed his lungs out and also sung some melodic lines but those couldn’t stand out between the instrumental violence. Besides that he really should practice on some low grunts instead of all the high screams which loose their power because of the monotone sound. Just keep on writing more interesting songs with some more influences, so that you won’t just be that nice bashing band which we already know too much of and who knows you could lift my weener once!