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Eagles Of Death Metal, The Spores - Turning Paradiso into a steaming sauna
Who would have guessed? Eagles Of Death Metal are more than just a gimmick. Or are they? Well, I'd still call that a controversial statement. But if a band sells out one of the hottest clubs in Holland without actually having a chart hit or in fact any really remarkable single or album, there must be more going on than Tenacious D type jokes. Checking the band out live should sort it all out.
Opening up for the Eagles are the magnificent The Spores. As Luuk and I can attest to after seeing their fantastic performance at the Newclectics festival a month ago, this band have one of the coolest live shows around. Puppetry (yes, puppetry) and christmass lights. All very artistic in a cool excentric sort of way that I personly love. The band's visual attraction is only bound to their budget and their imagination, and therefore promises to bring a huge spectacle in the future. The same goes for their music, that is, to say the least, amongst the most groundbraking to have ever come out of the so-called Josh Homme friends-club. Expect tons of samples, dancable rock, rocking dance, psychedelic tunes, phatass guitarlicks draped in effects, sometimes tuned-down low enough to feature on a drone-record. The first couple of minutes of music are refreshing enough to delay that toiletbreak, getting beerbreak or kissing your girl/boyfriendbreak. Combined with their visual arts, (detailed into the cool outfits) a Spores show is enough to get your jaw dropping onto the floor and leaving it there with your teeth shaking out of your gums due to the sick-as-fuck guitar thunder. I dare say: The Spores are one of the most exiting things in music at the moment, and their singer Molly is undoubtly an added value to the world of visual arts. One can only fantasize what this band will sound and look like in five years time.
As for the Eagles Of Death Metal, all the fun more or less ends with a funny bandname. Even though the tunes rock, they are extremely straight-forward and of a done-before stature. All that could possibly save this band is a fanatical audience response. Luckily for them, they were playing Amsterdam on a thursday night. A sold-out Paradiso soon turned into a steaming sauna as the attending audience went nuts over every damn note. Even a non-believer like myself has got to admit: the group as a whole (and the mustached singer up front) has a charm to them. The songs might be uninteresting from a critical point of view but they are good party material. Same goes for the band, who put on their poserish attitudes with style. I however, still can't get my head around their success. One wonders where the Eagles Of Death Metal would be today if they would have nothing to do with Josh Homme. But then again, watching the steaming crowd walzing down the house over every song, who really gives a fuck. On a thursday night in Amsterdam one has a hard time not dancing along to an overdose of 'woohoohoo' lyrics.