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Crowpath - A world-class band with almost no audience
It was very hard to discover that Crowpath from Sweden would actually play this evening at the Dynamo in Eindhoven, because it wasn’t listed on the metal site of the venue. I found out through a magazine actually, and this communicational error was probably also the reason so few people had come to see this show. As Niamen and me entered the venue, we had already missed the first band, The Architect. Too bad, but luckily we were well in time to see the main act; Crowpath.
I reviewed their last album, Son Of Sulphur, about a year ago, and I was very impressed with their sound back then. So of course I want to see how they do this live. The music this band plays is some kind of hybrid between hard-, metal-, grind and mathcore, only executed in a very noisy, almost messy sounding way. The only band I can really compare them with is The Psyke Project from Denmark, but I guess there aren’t a lot of people that have heard of that band either. Think of The Dillinger Escape Plan with an actual noise approach to the definitive sound. Right….
Their set started of mediocre because of the sound, but this kept improving throughout the show and by the end of it, it left Niamen and me with a big grin on our faces. It’s awesome to see them actually play all that hectic noisy stuff, but it makes it easier to follow though. The real problem is to find a way to rhythmically match the drum parts with what the bass and guitar are doing, there are times when this seems impossible. It’s like putting Mastodon drums with a mathcore band, difficult shit. Another cool part was in the track ‘Children Of Boredom’ (could there be a pun intended?), which is played with a laying down guitar of which I still don’t know/remember the name of. It really has a sound of it’s own the way Patrik played it over those Orange speakers.
They had a very kind podium presentation and those few fans that had gathered here tonight seemed to be very happy with what they saw on stage. And after they did their encore, which was a track of their first seven inch, the party was over. Truly a case of ‘the best you’ve never heard of.’
Details Written on Friday Mar 2nd, 2007
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Crowpath