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Crowpath - Son Of Sulphur
Now what to say about a band like this except that I should have discovered it a long time ago? I’m very much into experimental noisy stuff and combining different styles is metal, and this band is a perfect example of that shit.
Crowpath is one of those few bands that has actually managed to surprise me. They combine their hardcore, metalcore and grindcore in such a unique rhythmical and foremost very noisy way that I instantly fell in love with it. It's very hard to describe what they actually do, but I think comparisons to bands like Swarm of the Lotus, Mastodon, Burst and stuff like that give you the best idea on what we’re dealing with here.
Harsh complex riffing with very unorthodox drumming and agonizing screams are the ingredients for this band. The mix of the album doesn’t make it any easier to listen to neither, since the drums have been brought to about the same sound as the vocals, making them stand out very clearly. Especially the rite has been mixed to extremes. Not a minor at all, because this guy can keep himself busy in a very original way behind his kit if you ask me.
The riffs they play in the in general quite short songs have that epic touch to it combined with the hectic stuff you hear nowadays from bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan and everything that follows the same idea.
I’ll leave it at that, because this is just something you must hear. If you’re into bands I mentioned above definitely give this band a spin soon, otherwise you’ll feel like I described in the intro for this review. It will take you about one track to decide if you’re going to like it or not.
Crowpath - Son Of Sulphur
85/1001Details Earache Records/Willowtip
Released on Tuesday Nov 22nd, 2005

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Mar 15th, 2006

Tags: #Crowpath
Tracklisting 1. Candles and Kerosene
2. The Will To Burn
3. Chased, Caught and Charged
4. Pigeonsmasher
5. Children of Boredom
6. Self Destructive Pessimist
7. Seed of Arson
8. Picked Clean
9. The Lycanthrope
10. Scab Coated Attraction
11. Lights Out, Left For Dead
12. Ends In Water
Line up Henrik Ivarsson – vocals
Patrik Lundh – guitars
Dan Bengtsson – bass
Erik Hall – drums