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Carnal Leftovers, Born Loco, Pure Serenity, DTX Hardcore, Kloof - Five Starting Dutch Bands
Every month in the rehearsal studio of Utrecht, DBs, there’s an evening for the extremer musical genres around. This evening got the suitable name Hell’s Kitchen and is programmed by ODD Bookings, which at the 24th of February presented a hardcore/metal themed evening with five starting bands from The Netherlands.
While I was still shoving in my dinner Born Loco was on stage, but I did see the last 15 minutes of them. They really sound like a mix of Biohazard and Rage Against the Machine, raging since 2001. Back in those days I was impressed by their passion; they missed a sound of their own but because they just started out I forgave them that. In the year 2007 they still sound the same and it seems like no progression has been made, we still hear the New York hardcore approach of song writing with raps, which are too obviously inspired by Zack de La Rocha. No wonder that they haven’t got the drive of a few years ago on stage anymore, but that might also be caused by the small crowd at this early time.
Because Jacky Heretic cancelled, hometown band Kloof filled their spot, but their appearance didn’t really have a surplus value. Playing mainly in a slow tempo, where robust would be a positive synonym for music that’s actually boring, they sometimes tried to live things up by speeding it up to a thrash rhythm. This was better than striking some chords while the filthy raw voice sung over it, but still I really had to do my best not to yawn.
Fortunately this feeling made place for great excitement when Carnal Leftovers struck their first notes. Their polka deathmetal had a very nice, fat sound and although the singer had a good feeling for humour and entertained the audience very well their music didn’t have a ‘happy’ connotation. With titles like ‘Fluffy Little Teddybears’ one would expect the opposite, but they combined the brutal elements of death metal with the abrasive parts of polka metal which really makes your head bang; the absence of any electronics was definitely a great plus. Besides fine podium skills the singer also had a very good guttural grunt which he used in a well varied way. Blastbeats were fitted in perfectly and nothing noteworthy could be criticised at the instrumental section; we simply saw a fantastic show by these guys who are really worth checking out.
DTX Hardcore had to play in front of a pathetic amount of audience after this, while I pretty much enjoyed their show. Not because their metalcore with some grind influences was that exciting, but the front man really almost gurgled his lungs out because he had a serious fever and he turned the stage into a big pool by all his spitting. The lack of charisma, of especially the guitar player who played like he’d rather sit on an easy chair was hilarious and with that, all interesting things about this band have been said.
The young lads of Pure Serenity had the honour to close the evening, who are obviously inspired by big metalcore bands like Killswitch Engage and Unearth. Nothing refreshing was presented, but because of their young age we will forgive them that and say that their lively show entertained well. But what couldn’t be forgiven were those horrible clean singing lines which were so false that I just couldn’t stand it anymore and went to roll a fat joint in the café (also, and maybe even better, known as the DemonDust syndrome). Besides; I already had experienced the climax of the evening with Carnal Leftovers who really made this evening a successful one.