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Born Loco - Tear It Apart (single)
In August 2005 Born Loco recorded the song ‘Tear It Apart’ for the Dutch horror movie “Dood Eind” which appeared in Dutch cinemas this year. In this movie Born Loco also has a guest appearance as “Cujo”, the band from one of the main characters. An interesting story about a band I never heard of before. I think that’s worth a try!
The music Born Loco plays is described as a mix of Metal, Hardcore and Raps. In the beginning I was quite curious to how those raps would sound like but fortunately it turned out they really fit the music. In fact they fit so well that I don’t even think about ‘raps’ as a particular part of the music. Which means the music sounds really complete.
The two songs on this disc are played in quite a fast tempo, combined with slower parts. They’re not complex, neither are they extremely outstanding from what I’ve heard over the past years. I can imagine these songs sound pretty catchy but all in all I would prefer more songs on an album/EP to really judge the quality of this band. I can’t really come up with a band I could compare Born Loco with but to make a rough one: think Subscribe only a little softer and without the nasty screams.
A thing that bothers me a little bit is that for some reason these songs sound pretty much alike ‘cause after 8 minutes I don’t really have the feeling I listened to two different songs. I think that’s mainly because of the guitars. There isn’t a lot of variation in them which is a pity. More variation in the guitars (maybe even a solo) would make this music even better in my opinion.
Well, I think this band sure knows how to play and I’ll just look forward to their full-length. I think this disc could very well be a good step towards a nice album. Just check ‘em out and support the local scene!
Born Loco - Tear It Apart (single)
67/1001Details Independent
Released on Wednesday Nov 1st, 2006
Metal with Raps

Writer @Boek on Monday Nov 20th, 2006

Tags: #Born Loco
Tracklisting 1. Tear It Apart
2. Get Out!
Line up Dennis - Raps, Vocals
Wietze - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Laurens - Guitar
R�gis - Bass, Backing Vocals
Jeroen - Drums