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Electric Eel Shock - The Ultimate Prequal To A Danko Jones Show
Too my great delight it was time to enjoy Danko Jones on stage once again yesterday. And I wasn't the least bit planning on reviewing the gig, since I did one just over 1 month ago, the Utrecht gig. But there was was one thing that just made me do this review. The support act. This is highly unorthodox but this must be said, the support nearly blew the headliner away. We are talking about [b]Electric Eel Shock[/b]. E.E.S. are a three piece hardrock/heavymetal/rock'n'roll crossover from Tokyo, Japan (!!). And trust me friends, wether you're into rawk, nickelback entombed or frans fucking bauer, you will be a Electric Eel Shock fanatic after seeing a show of the likes I witnessed yesterday in Effenaar, Eindhoven. The strange combination of oldschool heavy metal, hardrock grooves and 'swing that arse' rock 'n' roll filled up with Jimmy Hendrix twiddly diddly guitar madness and even a sparesome Black Sabbath refrence, this stuff blowes one of it's Converse Allstars shoes. Absolute mania. The gig started off with Lead singer Akihito Morimoto shouting "I AM IRON MAN", followed by the well known guitar riff. After that it was non stop mania. Bassist Kazuto Maekawa jumped all over the place (and kept the rithem in check at the same time), climbed on the speaker towers for a bass solo, drummer Tomoharu Ito threw away at least a dozen drumsticks, before deepthroating one in the middle of a song. The -usually- retardedly shallow Dutch audience totally freaked out during the entire 40 minute set, which goes to show. If that wasn't enough the faces the three Japs pulled were hilarious, and so were the remarks "I want your e-mail adress! Sex! Drugs! E-mail!", considering that the song "Suicide Rock 'n' Roll" consisted of nothing but the sentence "Gimme Suicide, Rock and Roll" and the hilarious moves of mister Morimoto, you bet your butt you missed something great here! Don't misunderstand, this band is NOT a parody or one of those boring clowns like Darkness with their 'witty' insight in the world of Rock, this band really means business, and does it all with style, grace and absolute mania. Best newcommer I've spotted in 2003. Maybe in the last 2 years... Keep an eye open for these three Japanese psychopaths!!