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Electric Eel Shock, Wasted, Weltmeister - Japanese rock ‘n’ metal!
On Friday the 16th of March, Napalm Lex and I went to a small venue in Leiden called LVC. Due to some unknown reason, the first band started playing about half an hour later but that didn’t matter because at the original starting time, only a handful of people had arrived yet. So, at nine o’ clock, off we went for a evening filled with rock ‘n’ roll. First band on the bill was Weltmeister from Leiden. Natürlich!
I didn’t have a clue what to expect from this world champion but I soon discovered that this band totally fitted within the line-up for this evening. They played a kind of punk ‘n’ roll that I just recently described in my review for the The Goods – The Goods album (Click!). With that, I don’t necessarily mean the music itself (although I do partly) but more the fact that this is another live-only band. At least, that’s my opinion ‘cause normally I wouldn’t care that much to have this stuff on CD. A powerful set was delivered from a band that has only been working on their set for about half a year. A very good job guys! I do have to mention the fact that these guys were experienced a bit because of their other bands: Disconnect, Panic in Detroit en ex-Jimmyhat.
Besides the fact that their set was quite an entertaining one, they also announced that we were the first lucky ones that were able to buy their new album this evening. In other words, this was kind of a release party for their new album. Afterwards I had a little chat with one of the guitarists/vocalists and he told me that their new album was sold out in just 10 minutes time. I think that doesn’t need any further explanation! If you ever get the chance to see this band live for a couple of euros and you wanna have a nice evening of punk ‘n’ roll; go, grab yourself some beers and enjoy! All in all I had a good time watching these guys and to be honest I think they did a better job than the band that was about to follow. (BoEk)
Wasted. Wouldn't that be an awesome band name. No, it wouldn't. Just like speaking English to a one hundred percent Dutch audience isn't all that awesome as you'd think. Maybe, if you wear eyeliner and call yourself  Frankie Suicide. Maybe that would make it all very interesting. Alas.
But wait, I've got an idea. What if you and your band play uninspired songs in front of an audience that really couldn't care less. And hell, just play guitar like you did in your bedroom.
Oh, wait a minute. Isn't it selfish to write about bands in this fashion when all you do is post in on a successful website that attracts four hundred thousand readers every month? How heartless of me. I should start up a band. Prove my excellence. Wear my own eyeliner. And call me 'Alexander Do Us All A Favor'. Yeah well. Whatever. Where's the bar? (Napalm Lex)
Electric Eel Shock
Electric Eel Shock is a band to admire. They haven't got too many great songs, nor do they form an excellent harmony. But on sheer power of will and a supposedly very smelly sock, they've been around touring Europe for years. Playing half sold-out venues. Screaming, shouting, raping their instruments and cracking very amusing jokes. And low and behold, they even have a small fanbase in the Netherlands. Not bad for a rock ‘n’ metal threesome from Japan who's selling point has to be 'lifting ones guitar over ones head.'
Four years after their tiny breakthrough in the support slot for Danko Jones in Eindhoven, the band seems reluctant to quit even though no more than maybe a hundred people are willing to pay to see them live. And I'm happy they're still here every once in a while. 'Cause even with ten paying visitors or on a festival on an awful early time of day they still make me smile. Not just because of their jokes. It's their energy. Their determination. The 'reason to live' look in their eyes. With rock and metal being too serious and too much about eyeliner, it's a huge relieve to see these dudes conviction that if they don't play Sabbath's ‘Iron Man’ at twice the speed, they might die. Electric Eel Shock are fucking metal, for all I care! (Napalm Lex)