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Master, Lividity, Imperious Rex - Metalmatinée
It seems that there are two formats for metal gigs in my hometown venue the Gigant. One is called 'metalnight' and is obviously for the late hours. The other one is called 'metalmatinée' and is, like the word says, for the afternoon. This Sunday it was time for my first metalmatinée. A very unprofitable format if you ask me, with 25 paying visitors, max.

Because I arrived too late I missed opening act Amortez while Imperious Rex was already on stage. When I look back at their show, I'm glad that I didn't check their MySpace in advance because if I did I'd probably would've skipped them too. But live they are a completely different band! Top-notch speed metal, straight forward and extremely powerful, great drums, fast guitar riffs and a singing bassist with an excellent throat. Too bad for them that there were only two people in front of the stage, and just a few on a distance. I did have a good laugh about the frontman though, because he was an exact look-alike of Dutch tv-presenter Jeroen Pauw. Some of you can imagine that is quite funny.

Lividity was today's heaviest act, damn this shit was brutal! Guitarist Kibler varied funny jokes with shorter as well as some longer songs, all fully layered with blastbeats and sick grunts from a, as far as I understood, temporary recruited touring singer. Porngrind at its best, nothing to add besides that they would fit perfect on the bill of next years Neurotic Deathfest.

Headliner of this matinée was the legendary death metal act Master, a band that actually exist for more years than I am on this planet. I was terrorized by some old school death metal, very thrashy and grooving. Mr. Speckmann didn't forget how to play! Positive point about less audience is that the atmosphere is more relaxed and so I once again had a good laugh about the jokes that came off the stage, as well as shouts from the other bands between the songs. For the band it was more a gig for friends with a few strangers around than performing for true fans, but, and Speckmann said it himself, they still gave everything they had. Twenty years and still underground, respect.
Details Written on Wednesday Sep 12th, 2007
Writer @Mindsaver

Tags: #Master #Lividity #Imperious Rex
Lividity, Pessimist, Pandemia, Requiem, Nordor, Warpath, Abhordium, Coffin Syrup, Beneath The Flesh - Sunday, gory Sunday
Lividity, Pessimist, Pandemia, Requiem, Nordor, Warpath, Abhordium, Coffin Syrup, Beneath The Flesh - Sunday, gory Sunday