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The Fall Of Troy, Daughters - To be or not to be
Last year a band called Daughters smashed me in the face when they opened up for Don Caballero. I saw them again on that tour, but I got so drunk that night I only remember talking to the bassplayer about moustaches. So when I saw that they were going on tour with (the to me unknown) The Fall of Troy, I knew I would be there.
Okay, so Daughters is a mathcore band. I didn�t purchase any of their material since I had seen them, so they slowly slipped my mind. During the first song of the set, I was reminded of what this actually is; one of the best mathcore acts in the scene. Not just one of those chaotic bands, but one that knows how to transform chaos into an actual song. And they do it tight and very convincing. The vocalist is a real character too, the first time I saw him he crammed his hand into his mouth until he puked on stage, this time he deep-throated his microphone while touching his dick, hehe. These guys are fast, technical, professional and drunk all at the same time, they know what they�re doing for sure. So halfway through the set I regretted that I didn�t buy anything of these guys last time, so I knew that I had to at this show. By the end of their set I decided to buy both their albums and a shirt. Does a band ever play that convincing?
So then it was time for The Fall Of Troy (I would like to note that half the crowd had left). I just knew that it was something that I wasn�t going to like, but it was playing with Daughters so I should give it a chance. It is a trio, consisting of a drummer, an (occasionally) screaming bassplayer and a fucker playing guitar and doing screams and clean vocals. This fucker came up on stage and told the crowd he had vocal problems but they didn�t want to cancel the show, so they were gonna do a lot of parts instrumentally and he would see what he could do. He would suck - hard - I can tell you. But that didn�t really matter, because so did the rest of the band and the entire performance of this horrid act. Okay, this is where the fun starts of this review. First of all it has been a while seen I�ve seen such a sloppy drummer. The guy made a ton of mistakes throughout the show, and I could see by his movements that he really didn�t know what he was doing half the time. He hesitated. A lot. Sucker. Because this guy was faaaaaaaaaar from tight, the rest of the �music� was hard to follow as well. Furthermore this band plays with a sound that�s just not right. The bass is very low and heavy, the guitar is really thin and powerless. Put these two together and you�ve got�. nothing! This just doesn�t sound like math, man. On to the next point of irritation; the songs. I couldn�t make out what they were trying to convey. I couldn�t hear what style of music they were playing, except for the style of CRAP! It went from left to right, metal to blues to rock to guitar solos, back to more CRAP! The guitarist was obviously very impressed by himself doing shit that was really cool when your name is Slash or something. But the misery doesn�t end here, oh no. His guitar malfunctioned right in the middle of a song like ten times or so, creating one hell of an ambiance, NOT! They tried to fix it, they apologized, and the bassplayer told us they loved us. I felt abused. By now there was only 25 percent of the visitors left, and I couldn�t bear it any longer either. Unfortunately I just had to take a pee when they started another song and his guitar stopped again. According to an eye witness (my girlfriend) somebody in the audience said something, to which he responded that it wasn�t his fault, so then the band said something and the listener turned very angry and talked to the band. This is truly one of the most dramatic shows ever if you ask me. But is doesn�t matter, because the music sucks anyway. This was to me; the fall of The Fall Of Troy.