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Daughters, OJAHPCP, Collision, Engine Of Doom, Civil Terror - Powerbeergrindviolencecore
I noticed an interesting line-up at the Goudvishal in Arhem, with some mathcore, grind and powerviolence acts. Fortunately one of them was Collision, whom I know personally. So I could drive to the venue with them as part of their ‘crew’ and drink loads of free beer and listen to noisy music. Unfortunately we arrived during the set of the first band Traid 81, so I didn’t really see anything of that.
Up next was another powerviolence band that I didn’t pay too much attention to neither; Civil Terror, of which some members are also active in the band Eye Of Judgement. Lots of fast noise and screams, nothing that really aroused me to take a better look at them. Two days after I checked out that other band Eye Of Judgement though, and that really kicks ass, for a straight edge band. Be sure to check that out if you’re into a combination of hardcore, metal and grindcore.
Third on the bill was Collision, whom I have seen a couple of times this year. Their combination of grindcore, thrash metal and powerviolence sounded quite nice this evening. The two vocalists screamed, grunted, squealed and squirted their lyrics out about all sorts of subjects, even doctor Phil. The rest of the band conveyed their nice groove to the crowd very good, playing nice and tight. Recently someone pointed out to me that they actually have a death metal drummer behind the kit, which gives Collision’s sound an interesting twist. A kick-ass noisy show by these southern-Dutch grinders indeed.
I had only encountered Engine Of Doom once, but it didn’t really impress me then. This time was an improvement, but still not quite to my liking. I discovered that the drummer and vocalist are also in Transmission0, which is a band that I personally prefer over this one. Still, their rhythmical metal managed to impress some of the other visitors, although there weren’t much of those present. Beer seemed more interesting to me at the moment. Lots of it.
So I was very drunk when Officer Jones And His Patrol Car Problems started. This was the third time I saw them, and also the least interesting one. Could be due to the fact that I was wearing earplugs for a change, but the powerful mathcore sound that blew me away the previous two times didn’t grab my balls this time. From what I saw it still looked amazing what they did, so I guess I should blame the PA, or perhaps my earplugs… I hope that next time it will be as phenomenal as before.
With headliner Daughters I had the same problems. I was even more drunk and the sound again didn’t punch me in the head like it did when I saw them opening for Don Caballero. Other than that, I have real problems memorizing what the hell the show went like, since I had destroyed millions of brain cells with alcohol. I do know that I spoke with on of the guitar players and the bassist with the cool moustache, and they were all very kind. The only thing that was better this time were the vocals. This guy sounded much better than last time, I guess he wasn’t as drunk as he should be. Neither did he stick his hand in his throat to puke, bummer. I do remember that I enjoyed myself tremendously during the show, but that I just kept feeling that they were better last time. Maybe it was the earplugs again…
If it makes anyone who got a crappy review here feel better, the day after I woke up with the worst hangover I ever had, and I had to go and see Dry Kill Logic. Seriously, it felt like there was a man with a ten ton hammer smashing my skull, and I was sick until like 16.00. I would like to thank the guys in Collision for the ride, entry, free beer and their lovely company. See y’all next time!