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Enslaved, Keep of Kallesin and Shining - The Vikings are back!
Enslaved in Doornroosje, again! I�d already seen Enslaved playing at this great venue, that was back in 2005 together with Vreid. An awesome show I�ll never forget. So when I heard Enslaved would come back, I had to see them.
The opening act of the evening was Shining. I was aware there are two bands with that name. But i didn�t know which of these two would play that evening. I hoped for the blackmetal band from Sweden. So when I entered the venue, I was a little disappointed, because Shining was already on stage, but what I heard was not blackmetal. But the music I heard didn�t sound bad at all. It�s very hard to describe. It sounded like a enormous live jam, but completely in control by the band members. Stoner, jazz, avant garde, metal, altogether woven into a grooving wall of sound. The use of a saxophone made it even weirder and cooler. They also knew how to end their gig in a great way by performing King Crimson's '21st Century Schizoid Man' together with the vocalist and guitarist of Enslaved.
Then it was time for the second band, Keep of Kalessin. The first time I heard their album Armada I fell in love with it, damn that album kicks ass. Fast technical black metal with an awesome production. So I was thrilled to see this band play live. I hoped they would play as tight as they do on cd. So I was a little disappointed when they started playing. The sound was far from good at the beginning, the drums overruled the guitar way to much. Because I know their songs quite well I knew what they were playing, but I had to imagine the notes they played in my head. Luckily the sound improved during their gig, which I really enjoyed. Overall I must say that their performance was awesome, but I hope they have better sound next time.
Time for the band I really came for, Enslaved. Like I said before, this was the 2nd time I saw this band play at this venue, and I was very pleased they came back. If they would play as good as they did back then, I would be in Valhalla again.
And they did. Damn this band knows how to entertain. Mostly they played songs of their last two albums Isa and Ruun. But they also treated the audience on some songs of their first works like �Allfadr Odhinn� and �Gylfaginning�. It has been quite a while I jumped into a pit, mostly I felt to old for that. But this time I had the urge to let my energy and aggression do their thing. Back home I noticed the scratches and bruises, and the old times came back, maybe I�m not as old as I thought?
Next to thrashing other people I also could dream away on some songs, and this even without any drugs (no drinks and drugs when I have to drive!). That is the power of Enslaved, dreamy parts combined with some violent riffs and some blast parts full of aggression.
Especially the last songs were quite a surprise, some work of their first releases, which I never heard live before. Awesome. Again a pit I had to join.
This gig is one of the better ones I�ve seen, it was even better then their last visit here, which was already great.
Again an evening that makes life worthy.
Details Written on Sunday Oct 28th, 2007
Writer @Arcane

Tags: #Enslaved #Keep of Kallesin and Shining
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