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The Dying, One Bullet Left, Reason To Kill, When All Life Ends - Another evening of metalcore
So after visiting a metalcore evening on Friday night, why not attend another one the day after? Again four bands that operate in the regions of metal and hardcore, of which I had seen none before. Let�s review.
First up was When All Life Ends, a deathcore band from Rotterdam. Their show was very enthusiastic and highly entertaining, the music was brutal death metal mixed with metalcore and some more modern things like Between The Buried And Me and such. I liked the songs they played a lot, I just had a difficulties dealing with the guitar sound of the band. It just didn�t blow me away or anything, and as the show progressed I became more irritated about the sound. Luckily the band was fun to watch, as they brought along some signs which said Slayer, Beer and Anal. That I can enjoy, and it made sure their performance was a memorable one. I�m curious to what this band will sound like within two years or so, when they�re tighter and the songs sound more together.
Up next was Reason To Kill, a band that quickly lost my attention. Although they were very tight and the thrash/metalcore they played didn�t sound too bad, I just wasn�t grabbed by the riffs they played. When they got a little rhythmical in one of their songs I thought there was hope, but when nothing of this returned in the songs that followed I lost my interest. Not even their highly enthusiastic performance could stop that.
Third band on the bill was One Bullet Left, not the young Dutch band with this moniker though. Their melodic metalcore practically immediately bored me to tears. I don�t think I heard one riff that I hadn�t heard before. These guys look ambitious and enthusiastic and stuff, and they play pretty tight and all that, but I�ve heard these songs so many times I couldn�t care less anymore. Sorry, next please.
Headliners were The Dying, who used to play under the name of Chimaera if I�m correct. Well, I can see why they changed their name (into an ultra clich� moniker, but what the heck). This band is into the more modern thrashcore stuff like the dreaded Avenged Sevenfold, which is something I despise. Also they didn�t bring their bassist along for the show, I guess this was in the philosophy that it�s better to do a lesser show than to cancel the whole show. But I simply hated it, probably because I�m a bassist myself and because the music missed a lot of heaviness because if this. Nevertheless the guitarists played pretty tight (and I wonder why not one of these dudes switched to bass instead of doing two guitars), contrary to the drummers double pass patterns every now and then. He�s fast, but a bit too fast for himself. Luckily I didn�t have to watch the show �till the end, I had a train to catch. Perhaps I�ll give them another chance when they play somewhere with a bassist.