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Gorefest, The Monolith Deathcult - Back on the death metal front
On a rainy Sunday evening Gorefest let many death metalheads travel to Utrecht to see whether they are still at the front after their comeback. After a killer record everybody was anxiously awaiting to see these Dutch death metal godfathers again.
The Monolith Deathcult is for some better known because of the controversy around the band�s lyrics, which deal with the apparently still sore subjects like Nazism. You would almost forget that this band also plays a very decent set of brutal death metal. The sound was not perfect, but it was strong enough to put up a convincing show. Some crazy tearing solos over well performed blast beats simply work well. But just as the feeble jokes of the guitar player it didn�t seem to get to everybody. It was a good warming up for my neck however.
After the reunion of Gorefest in 2005 this was the second time that I saw them. I found it pretty cool to see these Dutch death metal heroes in action again for once, at that time assuming that it would probably not be a long and lasting reincarnation. Almost everywhere there were only positive reactions on their comeback album La Muerte and their live shows. Surprisingly they just kept on going and consolidated, correction: strengthened, their position with the this year released record Rise to Ruin, which has an enormous groove, extremely awesome blasting parts and lovely melodies. Would they still kick ass live? That turned out to be a stupid question, because once again these guys played with the true love for death metal dripping all off them. It�s clearly the only reason why they�re doing again what they're good at. The audience apparently didn�t warm up enough with The Mononlith Deathcult, but when the opening song of La Muerte, �For the Masses�, kicked off there was no way stopping what was triggered. To round up, Gorefest is back at the death metal front and I hope that they will stick around for at least another record.