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Model 101 - Mathcore in Venlo
What are the odds? Model 101, a band with two admins from Metalrage. Luuk aka Demondust and Lukie Stalenhoef. That doesn’t mean I automatically give them good reviews. They get the same treatment as anybody else, a good review if you’re really good. I didn’t hesitate a second when I received the invitation to go and see them play at De Splinter in Venlo. Despite of this evening actually being a mini festival, I hardly saw any of the other bands. So I can’t write a decent review about the other groups who performed there. I have to limit this review to Model 101.   
I saw them before at the exact same location about a year ago, albeit in a different line-up. I wasn’t impressed by the two vocalists, or rappers for that matter and I didn’t like their music very much. They played well, but it was like a third-hand Rage Against The Machine clone. Now with the original vocalists booted out and replaced by Remco van de Hurk, they have got a more thrash metal approach to their music. Actually I should say mathcore, cause their music sounds now more like Textures, Meshuggah and The Dillinger Escape Plan.
A new sound resulting thus in a complete new setlist. Starting off with ‘Breaking The Circle’ it is immediately clear that they have severed all links to the past. They sure make more memorable riffs now. I can’t think of a better decision to throw the old stuff overboard. What they do now has got nothing to do with their old tunes. Guitarist Peter Geraedts is supposedly the one who writes the bulk of the material, he sure knows how to write interesting riffs. And Remco is a way better frontman than the two old ones put together. Way to go lady and gentlemen!