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Model 101 - Cold Approach
It is my pleasure to review this EP from Model 101, our Metalrage colleagues. At first I must apologize for not putting this online sooner. I had this EP in my possession since their great show at Perron 55 on December 12th when they opened for Textures. I was impressed by the songs they presented on stage. So I immediately bought the EP after the show. Yes, I bought it, because they have no record company backing them yet and they need all the support they can get.
They got support from Vincent van Haperen, bass player of Pitch Blond, who produced the mini album. It was mixed by Jochem Jacobs from Textures at his own Split Second Sound studio. The record also features a guest performance by jazz pianist Mike Roelofs on two tracks. The creepy sounding piano makes the song ‘Dreams of Insomnia’ become more of a nightmare. It is an outstanding track.  The song ‘Particles’ is built around a similar way with a real cool bass riff.

The five songs on the album are actually a mixture of many musical styles. It is a good  thing that Model 101 does not limit itself to the extremer forms of metal. Using beats and samples from the techno world, they cleverly build brutal riffs around them. Thus avoiding clichés and giving an original twist to their music. Sadly enough they had to depart with guitarist Lukie. Apparently she wasn’t motivated enough. I have a gut feeling that she will regret this sooner or later. Model 101 surely got my support after hearing Cold Approach.
Model 101 - Cold Approach
80/1001Details none
Released on Friday Dec 26th, 2008
Grooving metal

Writer @Angel on Friday Dec 26th, 2008

Tags: #Model 101
Tracklisting 1. Liquid Wall
2. Paralyzed
3. Megiddo Epilogue
4. Particles
5. Dreams of Insomnia
Line up Remco - Vocals
Luuk - Bas
Peter - Guitar and Samples
Richie - Drums
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