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Callenish Circle - The Monolith Deathcult + Cliteater
Finally, something in my hometown that has to do with metal!!! So of course I�m present there. I didn�t really know any of them, I just knew that the evening would start out with the loudest thing, the grindcoreband Cliteater, which, I found out there, has Joost from Inhume on vocals. After that it would become quieter with death metal from Monolith Deathcult, followed by the melodic thrash metal of Callenish Circle. Sounds like fun! After hearing their name, I had to know what it was. When I arrived, I saw Joost from Inhume coming on stage and I knew that it was gonna be fun. There weren�t many people there, so there was no real party going on, which was a bit of a pity. But Cliteater performed nicely and I thought they were all right. I spoke with Joost later and he informed me that their album would be available for download soon on their website,, because of problems with their record company. There are still some copies available here in Venlo� Up next was the Monolith Deathcult and I heard it would be kind of a Nile approach to death metal. And I really like Nile. But these guy matter jack shit if you compare them with Nile. Some fat guy with a guitar trying to do a Karl Sanders grunt and a bass player that makes such idiotic faces while singing that laughter takes over the feeling of disappointment, well, for a while at least. Nothing more than a bad imitation of the ultimate death metal gods that go by the unholy name of Nile. I listened to the last album that Callenish Circle released, but it didn�t appeal much to me. Nevertheless they gave away a very nice performance and I was quite impressed by these guys. In my opinion they just had too much melodic parts in it, and I don�t like that in combination with thrash metal. And their vocalist looks like fucking DJ Ti�sto�s brother or something, but he possesses a mighty throat in his tiny body, so I�ll let him of the hook for this time. They ended with the song Obey Me, only to come back to play an encore. So tonight our little rotten country run by a gayer version Harry Potter�s evil twin proved that there�s decent metal here too!! Headbangen op z�n Hollands!!! [b]Review By DemonDust[/b]