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Callenish Circle, Engine Of Pain, State Chaos - A goodbye show and a cd presentation
I was invited by our vocalist to check out a show of his other band State Chaos who would be playing at the CD presentation of Engine Of Pain and officially the last show of Callenish Circle. Sounds like a fun evening, just too bad that I had to drive back though.
State Chaos opened with the intro of their demo album Ashes Of Misery, followed by 'Desecration Of Life'. This set the tone for an energetic high speed thrash metal set, but disaster already struck in the second song. The drum monitor fell of his stand, unplugging some equipment and almost demolishing the next band’s guitars. This problem was fixed pretty rapidly, but it made sure the drummer had to play five songs without hearing himself. That dude wasn’t happy, but did an excellent job nonetheless, judging form the circumstances. They quickly resumed the rest of the set with a powerful performance that pleased every thrash metal lover in the audience tonight. Perhaps it’s not cool to say it though, but they sold more of their demo’s this evening than Engine Of Pain did of their album. Enough said I think.
Now I honestly don’t really care too much for the rest of this evening’s line-up, but it was the presentation of Engine Of Pain’s new album entitled I Am Your Enemy so I was kind enough to stick around and watch some songs. In average it’s a nice band to watch, but something really special can’t be mentioned by me though. There are some nice grooving riffs here and there, but in average a whole song doesn’t stay interesting. The performance was tight though, and the stage presentation was quite good (except for one guitarist who seemed to suffer from a clown syndrom, trying to be funny all the time). Perhaps in the future they will release something I will like, not just yet right now.
If you like melodic thrash metal you must surely have heard of Callenish Circle. They’ve been around for 15 years, touring the world and releasing albums on Metalblade Records. The packed venue now finally seemed to get what it was waiting for, a long set of melodic death/thrash, with all of their classic songs being played for the last time. Now, I’ve never been a fan of the band and I probably never will be, so obviously I didn’t see too much of the show. Especially considering it was sold out and watching the band in a relaxed way was near impossible. The only ear catcher for me was when they played their last song, which was Death’s ‘Pull The Plug’, now that’s a great song. Unfortunately I still didn’t like it the way they played it, except for the chorus part. And after that it was over and out for Callenish Circle, I wish them the best of luck with whatever it is they want to do now with the rest of their lives. Just keep on rocking!