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The Mars Volta - Are you kidding me?!?!?!
I recently reviewd The Mars Volta' s latest effort to conquer the world, or actually chase away a goliath ( and just couldn't wait to see them live. After interviewing the mastermind Omar Rodriguez Lopez (keep a keen eye out for this interview coming soon!!) I was left waiting....It was well worth it!

Because my god these guys are good!! The Mars Volta is a band you must, I repeat MUST see live! If you think the album was sick, you should see this live! Amazing! Especially former gospel drummer Thomas Pridgen. Imagine Danny Carey being pissed off and then you pretty much know what I mean! This guy is the most amazing drummer I have seen up-to-date and I don't think I wil ever witness one better. When they started playing 'Orobouros' the room came to life and the rest of the show (which lasted an amazing 3 hours!) this high level of playing just continued. After two and a half hours (!) they took a small break to do some accoustic songs, which were actually a nice time off from the brute force The Mars Volta displayed in the songs before and the song after.

This concert was the first time, since the first time I saw TOOL, that I was this flabbergasted. I just simply stood there amazed with the spectacle that happened in front of me. I hereby declare everyone that deliberately chooses NOT to see one of their shows insane. If The Mars Volta plays near you (that is in a 500 mile radius) there is no excuse for not going!
Details Written on Monday Mar 10th, 2008
Writer @LondonCustoms

Tags: #The Mars Volta
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