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Weedeater, Stinking Lizaveta - Get stoned with the weedmonkeys
Come on man, how can a pothead like me not visit a concert by a band named Weedeater?!?! Not even knowing the music, I just went down for some THC-drenched music.
Opening act was Stinking Lizaveta, of which I reviewed their latest album Scream Of The Iron Iconoclast. Their style is described as doom-jazz, and it consist of a guitarists, an electric contrabass and a female on drums. Their music feels very free and airy, yet when you start to focus on their play you see it’s actually not. This was my main concern, when I stood in front of the stage I could do no more than follow what was being played, standing further from the stage caused me to lose interest very gradually. Also the vocals consisted of an occasional “woooow” yell from both the guitarist and bassist, which became a bit annoying over time. In the end I can’t say I was convinced, although it is obvious they know how to play their instruments.
Then it was time for the mighty Weedeater to take the stage, beers, weedpipes and whiskey shots included. Bassist/vocalist Dixie, who is somewhat of an underground sludge legend with his participation in acts like Sourvein, Bongzilla and Buzzoven is a real stage beast. This guy plays his bass like his life depends on it, while gargling out the nastiest sludge vocals and making ridiculous faces. His interaction with the drummer is cool to see, both of them are intensely participating in the performance. Contrary to the guitarist, who just stands there playing his part. Although I didn’t really know any of their material, it was not hard to get into for a stoner like me. Minor about the show was that the volume was way too low, something you cannot do at a stoner/doom/sludge concert ever in my opinion. If I’m not trembling along with the low tones, I’m not experiencing it. As they ended their set with a song about weed and monkeys, entitled ‘Weedmonkey’, I was not fully convinced yet very much entertained by these stoners. I hope for a louder volume next time, and I hope more of Dixie’s bands make it to Europe in the future!
Details Written on Wednesday Apr 2nd, 2008
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Weedeater #Stinking Lizaveta