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Black Cobra, Saviours -
After seeing Black Cobra for the first time, destroying the Batcave of 013 on the Roadburn festival 2007, I was eager to see them again. That show was probably one of the bigger highlights for many people on last year’s Roadburn, so off we went!!
I must say that I was surprised about the fact, that Black Cobra was the headliner of this tour. Lately there was a pretty big buzz going on, about the new album of Saviours and this band in general. So I assumed that they were the headliner… Anyway, I was wrong and around 20.30u Saviours hit the stage. At the time of this show, I was only familiar with their newly released album Into the Abonddon, which I really like. First couple of songs the soundman wasn’t awake, after that the sound became better. This band delivers some good solid stoner/metal, with loads of influences of Thin Lizzy and older Mastodon. In fact they sound a bit like Mastodon, doing 70’s covers. The music was good, but man… did their singer suck !! He sounded like a muppet with a huge cold. So it didn’t came across that good as it should have been. And what didn't help either was the fact that the whole band (with exception of the drummer) stood there like a bunch of sandbags.


I’m still so surprised, about the popularity of Black Cobra. It was so obvious that almost everyone in the small Bat Cave came for the two-piece bulldozer band. From the start this two piece went full force, filling the room with loads of noise and energy.
But what the hell happened to the soundman ?? The first 4/5 songs sounded terrible…  
Just one big oasis of buzzing guitar sounds. Therefore the first part of the show, the energy
and power didn’t came across to the audience. Later on the sound became better and better!! And boy does this band rock… This two-piece band, with just guitar and drums is live an absolute powerhouse. Imagine High on Fire in The Art of Self Defense period, playing even a bit faster and punkier and you get the idea!! And with the sound getting better, the audience went nuts… The band absolutely enjoyed all the attention and response they got. It’s always good to see a band enjoying the crowd. I think they played over an hour. So they probably played both albums Bestial and Feather and Stone completely. After the last song the crowd kept shouting for more. And they came back for a couple of more songs. Slow start, but an absolute great show. If you get the chance to see them live next time, do so!! You will not regret it…
Details Written on Sunday Jun 1st, 2008
Writer @RoyBalowski

Tags: #Black Cobra #Saviours
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