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Six Feet Under - Fleshcrawl + Criminal
[b]I was handed a flyer when I was at the Metalfest concert earlier this month. The flyer was for Six Feet Under 27th of February and I was quite interested if Six Feet could convince me again. Six Feet has recently brought out a new album called Bringer Of Blood. So I went to the Effenaar for Six Feet Under but first Fleshcrawl and Criminal, who also both have their new album out through Metalblade, had to play.[/b] [i]Criminal:[/i] The evening was opened by Criminal, with Anton Riesenegger from Pentagram, who has written songs that Napalm Death covered. Now he�s back with Criminal, from Chile. They opened with a song from the new album No Gods No Masters. I must say that almost every song from the set was from that album, but I didn�t mind the futuristic thrash songs and especially songs like No Return, Aberration and Downfall. As I said most of the songs were from the new album but they also played some old ones, like Cancer, the title song of their previous album and Alma Muerta also from that album. The audience was a bit lame but after some provocations by Anton some people started to make some movements. Nice show and Criminal certainly isn�t a bad band for live shows. I bet they would fit right in on a big metal festival. With a strong set and a strong performance, Criminal has set a proper show. [i]Fleshcrawl:[/i] Fleshcrawl also had a new record out on Metalblade. Made Of Flesh is the title and was of course very well promoted. Luckily Fleshcrawl played some older stuff as well, but the main piece of the pie was from the new album. Fleshcrawl had a monstrous sound and the new songs were played brutally. The songs that were played varied from the new work like Made Of Flesh, Flesh Bloody Flesh, Demons Of The Dead and Forged In Blood to songs from earlier albums. I forgot the titles of those older songs but I do know one thing for sure, it was sheer brutality. The set was not too long, but not too short either. After almost 30 minutes of stamping death metal, it was time for Six Feet Under to perform their little act. [i]Six Feet Under:[/i] First of all, I wasn�t able to watch the entire show, although what I saw was well performed. Six Feet Under was driven by an untameable Chris Barnes and again his voice was a big pillar in the sound. Ultra low bass guitars, a pumping guitar riff, and pounding drums, hooked in with the throat ripping grunt of Chris. The perfect ingredients for a good night out, I would say. They played a lot of songs of the new album, like Bringer Of Blood, Sick In The Head and My Hatred. Luckily some of the older work was played in the meaning of The Day The Dead Walked and Victim Of The Paranoid. Too bad I was forced home not much later, so I wasn�t able to watch the rest of the show, but what I saw was well and Six Feet was again a feast for the ear and eye.