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Six Feet Under - Bringer Of Blood
Six Feet Under is a band that is well-known among the death metal fans for the past 8 years. It started all with Haunted, their debut album that set a new trend among Death metal. Chris Barnes, who recently left Cannibal Corpse started his own brutal death metal band. After 2 releases like Warpath they brought out Maximum Violence, which was instantly bombarded to Death Metal album of 1999. Six Feet Under had a little dip then, with the somewhat less cooler record, a cover album Graveyard Classics with old heavy metal songs put into a death metal jacket. But Six Feet Under wasn�t dead, they returned from the ugly grave with True Carnage, an album that ended high in my year list. Now after 2 years they are back with Bringer Of Blood. Man, I�m enjoying it already Bringer of Blood starts with Sick In The Head. The song starts instantly with a brutal introduction that is sang through a cool distortion. Chris Barnes growls the cool intro and the hacking riffs that are typical for Six Feet Under come out quite cool. Second track America The Brutal is a more hardcore like song, which is a death serenade to the current American government. Couldn�t be more obvious eh? The next song pounds nicely and is called My Hatred. The intro is somewhat nu metal like, but happily the death metal sound enters as soon with the bass. After this point it�s quite clear Six Feet Under have chosen to mix different Hard/Metal Core elements in their music. Murdered In The Basement is a raw energetic song that keeps pounding for the entire song. With lyrics like I Hate Your Fucking Gods Barnes lies his antichristian view to the public. The next song slows down to a easy head bobbing death metal song, When Skin Turns Blue is a nice serenade to the process of dying. The next song is in my opinion the finest track on the album. This surely is a true live song that will match the energy of The Day The Dead Walked. With hacking riffs and brutally hooked in by Barnes this song just shudders the walls. Ugly is a double bass founded song with a nice intro. The somewhat easy guitars are brutally filled by the hell growl of Barnes. The next song is a very slow song called Braindead that is in my opinion a little less foot on the throttle. It�s a very decent song. Blind And Gagged pushed the foot fully back on the metal and this pounding song is one of the better ones on the album. Claustrophobia handles about the phenomena when you are put alive in a coffin, accompanied by a very hardcore like guitar/drum pound this song is another of the more hardcore inspired songs. You�d expect the last song to be somewhat eased down, and Escape From The Grave begins indeed a little slow, after which the guitars turn up a little, however their full speed isn�t reached by far. It was by coincidence that I forgot to turn the player of, but I�m glad I did forget. The album finished with a hidden track played by only the Drums and the Bass guitar. The lyrics are a serenade to the herb. White Widow�� The Haze! How typical! After this record spun my player ten times I decided to write this review while listening it again. This album will, despite what others might thing, come very high on my year list. I enjoyed this album and I can only say one thing about it. If you liked True Carnage, you�ll like this. Six Feet Under has never been a band that was known of its originality, but heck that! You won�t be disappointed. Track List: 1: Sick In The Head 2: America The Brutal 3: My Hatred 4: Murdered In The Bassment 5: When Skin Turned Blue 6: Bringer Of Blood 7: Ugly 8: Braindead 9: Blind And Gagged 10: Claustrophobia 11: Escape From The Grave Line Up: Vocals � Chris Barnes Guitars � Steve Swanson Bass � Terry Butler Drums � Greg Gall