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Monotonix - WTF!

I never intended to go to this concert, but the buzz around this band got me so curious I just had to find out. This Israeli trio called Monotonix seems to be quite a happening I found out this Wednesday evening. 

As we entered the Batcave it appeared that the drum kit was in front of the stage. The guitar amplifier was placed at the front of the stage and the mixing table was placed on the stage. Why they chose to do this became quickly apparent when this threesome started their show. The music they play is of a heavy stoner noise rock kind, but the show these guys bring to support it is fucking crazy. As soon as the first tones were struck the crowd was drenched in water by the singer (who looks ridiculous by the way), who then pursued to bash into the audience taking peoples beers and pouring them over the crowd, himself and the drummer and his kit. The stage was set for madness you could say. As soon as the first song was played they moved the drumkit to the middle of the hall and continued playing. The vocalist proved to have some real mental issues by jumping on the drummer putting people on the drummer and flying through the crowd throughout the show. At one point he put the bass drum on the bar where the guitarist commenced to play it whilst playing the guitar. The drummer joined in perfectly. After this it seemed to be a good idea to let the audience lift this bass drum up in the air with the singer standing on it. Which they also did with a bar stool with him on it while playing the floor tom, also held in the air by the crowd. Once again they moved the drums further into the venue, and a couple of songs later they were actually playing a song inside the toilet of the Batcave.
And I can go on and on about this show, but the fact is that you really have to experience this band live to believe it. You cannot explain the madness that Monotonix create by telling somebody. Trust me if you go there, it will be one of the greatest nights of your life. You won’t be disappointed.
Details Written on Monday Nov 17th, 2008
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Monotonix