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Monotonix - Interactive Rock 'n Roll show !!

(Pic. Lindsy Bouten)

This Israelian power-trio out of Tel Aviv, made quite a name for themselves the last 3 years of their existents. Especially the insane, chaotic live shows of this garage stoner-punk band spreads like a wild fire in the underground. Me and DemonDust decided to check out this band, to check out if all the rumors about this insane band where true. Believe me, they are true and even beyond your wildest imagination! DemonDust and me decided immediately we both had to write a review, because otherwise no one would believe what we experienced that night.
Before I actually got to this show, I checked out some YouTube clips from this band and they promised me that this would be a very special night. Only Monotonix was scheduled to play this night. When we came in at 20.30h the venue was quite empty, but luckily the room filled in the hour after that. The set-up of this band is quite simple and unique. A drummer with a real ‘basic’ drum kit (just a bass-drum, snare and hi-hat), a guitar player and a lunatic acrobatic singer. From the very first second Monotonix kicked in with the set, the band and venue got bezerk! Their singer Ami Shalev throwing water and beer over his drummer and audience and thrashing into the crowd. What happened in the 35 minutes that followed is almost impossible to describe! Imagine a band that will do anything to make the biggest, crazy, frenzied dance party they can create together with the crowd. I mean TOGETHER with the crowd, this is not a band just to watch, but you have to fully experience this band. Musically this band plays dirty, garage stoner-punk with heavy riffs, which is influences by Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, the Sonics, but with a lot of energy and punk-attitude. 
Back to the show! After 30 seconds their singer took the drum kit and its drummer and put it in the middle of the venue. What followed was a huge dance party around the band. Their singer Ami Shalev is a frontman like you will never see again and never saw before; climbing in everything he can, dancing on the bar and throwing cups and beer all over the place, letting the audience lift him up on the bass-drum and drum along with the rest of the band, putting thrash-cans and girls on top of his drummer!!  At one point of the show, the entire band even preformed ON the bar of the Batcave. Almost everyone in the crowd went bezerk and made this party to one of the best ones I’ve experienced in a long, long time. Oh, and did I even mention that in the end of the show, Ami moved the entire band into the tiny toilet of the Batcave? An entire band on 2 square meters, together with 50 people and a singer crowdsurfing on top of that! Don’t believe it! Neither did I, but I was there to witness it. Unbelievable! Most insane and great show I’ve seen in my entire life. All hail Monotonix, for making the best interactive rock ‘n roll show ever.  Ps. If you still not believe it, check out the clip down below.
PPs. Demondust and I decided that next year's Metalrage party should be at a Monotonix gig!
(Monotonix performance on Toilet in Batcave/013)
Details Written on Monday Nov 17th, 2008
Writer @RoyBalowski

Tags: #Monotonix