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Blood I Bleed, Sylvester Staline, Jesus Cröst, A Den Of Robbers - Dynamo Grindnight 2
Unfortunately I missed the previous Dynamo Grind Night, the first one in a long stream of devastating grind concerts to come. So of course I couldn’t miss the second edition. With one of the most severe hangovers I’ve ever had, it was time for some top notch crust, grind and powerviolence accompanied by weed, beer and a lot of fun!
I’ve seen the Belgian band A Den Of Robbers twice when I was on tour with Birdflesh last year. Their grinding powerviolence is very harsh and relentless, blasting and grooving like a maniac. And maniac is also the word to describe the vocalist, who has but one scream which sounds like an extremely sore throat in total panic. ADOR offers some energetic and chaotic grind, which was perfect to warm up this evening of mayhem. One down, three to go!
The duo of Jesus Cröst play a style of grindcore much like Yacopsae, with whom they’ll be touring soon. They call it stop ‘n’ go powerviolence or fastcore, which gives an indication of what to expect. A lot of fast blasting and grinding with a shitload of stops and starts in it, which makes for highly interesting music I have to admit. Fast, aggressive and refreshing are the keywords for this duo from Rotterdam, they prove that with just drums, guitar and two microphones (one pitchshifted and one normal) you can still bash in faces with utter precision. Hope to see this band more often in the future.
Up next was the French powerviolence quartet Sylvester Staline, who already deserves props for their name and or the fact they have a vocalist that doesn’t like grindcore at all. He likes hip hop, which shows in his appearance and stage presentation. Musicality is not the thing this bands thrives on, but sheer humour pulls them through. Groovy riffs are alternated with fast grinding, delivered very sloppy but very humorous. It shows in the band that they are far from serious, which makes them highly entertaining to watch. If you’re looking for a good laugh accompanied by aggressive music, try out these Frenchies. You’ll be entertained.
As headliners Blood I Bleed took the stage, I finally drank away my hangover into sobriety. I didn’t know that was possible, yet here we are. Blood I Bleed was formed out of the ashes of My Minds Mine, who were a long-time running grind act from The Netherlands. And it shows that they have a history, for the dudes on stage looked aged. This didn’t affect their performance at all though, as they blasted out their traditional Napalm Death grindcore onto the audience, finally creating that well deserved mosh pit filled with drunks. A nice and tight performance by some skilled and experienced musicians that know how to grind properly. Keep it up!
Details Written on Saturday Feb 7th, 2009
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Blood I Bleed #Sylvester Staline #Jesus Cröst #A Den Of Robbers
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