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Venomous Concept, Dr. Doom, A Den Of Robbers - Saturday night grind fever!
Saturday night grind fever! Time for an all-star punk/grind band and some Benelux grinders to come to Dynamo and fuck some shit up! Metalrage of course was present to report and intoxicate.
Starting the night was the Belgian powerviolence outfit A Den Of Robbers, who always give away an entertaining show in my experience. Over the top panicking vocals combined with crusty, grindy and even sludgy riffs make for an intense performance, which is topped by some ninja antics of drummer Isaac who at one point got up from behind his drumkit in the middle of a song, took a cymbal with stand, ran through the rest of the band and fell to the floor in front of the stage. Quite funny and painful to see. Overall ADOR played a good warming up show for the blastbeats to come.
Dr. Doom would play their last show with singer Eli tonight, but he failed to show up once again. Obviously they’re glad to be rid of him and his preposterous antics, yet it sucked that he didn’t show for the last time. The solution was found in a number of guest vocalists, namely Stijn from A Den Of Robbers (who did the most songs), Tammi from Collision and the singer of my own band Model 101, Remco. The band had also arrived just in time for the show, so they went on stage in a bit of a rush. Luckily this had little to no effect on their performance, except for a bit less enthusiasm. They did cut their set short though which I found a bit unfortunate. I hope they’ll find replacement soon!
Headliners Venomous Concept are a bunch of idiots, let me say that first. You have Shane Embury and Danny Herrera of Napalm Death and Dan Lilker and Kevin Sharp from Brutal Truth. Kevin was obviously drunk as we are used to from him, yet with this punk/grind noise these guys make that is no real problem. Their anti-work anthems and hilarious song announcements were a treat to witness and it was remarkable how long they played for just a handful of people. No egos here, just crazy grinders! This band is obviously all about fun, and by the looks on their faces it seemed they were having a lot of that! Overall it was a very nice show by some legends in the underground scene. Drink, smoke, grind!