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Vreid, Kampfar, Iskald - Norwegian black metal and that's it
One night entirely filled with Norwegian black metal. Nope, that’s normally not my kind, but exceptions always prove such rules, especially when Vreid, Kampfar and Iskald play one show together. The overall atmosphere during the show was good, but I might as well mention that’s it’s pretty disturbing to watch a band live when the sound is not that good and you get punched over and over again by sixteen year old boys who can’t handle a couple of beers creating a pit which doesn’t seem very in place during a black metal gig. I know we’ve all been young once, but that doesn’t hold me back from hitting someone in his face. Now that’s out of my system, let’s turn back to the music.

Iskald was the band least familiar to me out of those black metal bands playing. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but I surely wasn’t disappointed. Being a sucker for the guitar, Iskald definitely knew where to push my buttons with their impressive guitar solos. Melodic riffs are an important feature of this band, but they also have a raw side to their sound and some obvious thrash influences. It’s a shame Iskald was just standing on that stage doing their thing without paying extra attention to their show performance. Musical wise it was amazing, but the eye of the beholder likes to be entertained as well.

Kampfar was the second band to play that night. Kind of odd in my opinion, because I expected Vreid to come out second. But then again, you never know what they agree on backstage. Dolk appeared on stage when it was his time to open his mouth and get that throat going during 'Inferno'. I keep repeating this and so I will repeat it again; I’m still impressed by the amount of noise such a small man can produce. Songs from Heimgang were a central theme during this concert, but of course 'Ravenheart' had to be played as well. Other than that, Kampfar will be Kampfar. You can always expect high quality and an intense show, even though the somewhat theatrical show from Dolk is a typical case of either loving or hating.

And then finally it was time for Vreid. I never saw these guys live before and I was kind of anxious, because I absolutely love their latest release Milorg. Normally I don’t pay much attention to what band members look like, because I don’t care for that, but also here the exception proves the rule. Sture, the vocalist/ guitarist, is viciously gorgeous, so when he made his appearance I was a little in shock. Fortunately, I recovered pretty quickly and realised that the live version of their latest full length is even better than the album itself. Songs like 'Speak Goddamnit' and 'Milorg' blew merciless out of those amplifiers and when Vreid finished their set with the black and roll track 'Pitch Black Brigade', I moved my hips and could only conclude that it was a perfect gig!