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Kampfar - Heimgang
No doubt everyone who has the slightest interest in pagan folklore metal or even black metal, knows the Norwegian Kampfar. For those who don’t; shame on you! I would like to advise the ignorant to get to know them as soon as possible, because you don’t know what you’re missing. Especially not after the release of their newest full length Heimgang.

Having played their album for about fifteen times in three days now, I’m still impressed by the new album Kampfar released. Heimgang starts off with ‘Vantro’; an instrumental song that sets the right atmosphere for the rest of the album. There’s no way you can mistake any of these tracks for being produced by anyone else but Kampfar, because the songs are in their own recognizable style.

As usual the riffs Kampfar came up with are melodic, varied and above all very catchy. II13 keeps you focused with his divers drum sets and vocalist Dolk.. Well, let me just say I can’t imagine Kampfar without his screams. I can’t name only one song in which all these characteristics are evident, although especially ‘Skogens Dyp’ caught my attention.

Unfortunately there’s not much I can say about the lyrics, due to my lack of knowledge about the Norwegian language and the fact the promotional material didn’t include any explanations. All I found out is that the title Heimgang means ‘passing of the old year’, or basically just ‘death’.

The last track of the album, ‘Vandring’ , definitely gives an extra edge to Heimgang. This song is so terribly sad and yet powerful at the same time, I can’t help myself but to select this track and put in on repeat on my stereo. And again that typical Kampfar atmosphere is there. During the entire album all you can do is close your eyes, absorb the music and wander off to other worlds. Can’t wait to hear them play Heimgang live!
Kampfar - Heimgang
95/1001Details Napalm Records
Released on Friday Sep 26th, 2008
Pagan Folklore Metal

Writer @Kaar on Thursday Sep 25th, 2008

Tags: #Kampfar
Tracklisting 1. Vantro
2. Inferno
3. Dødens Vee
4. Skogens Dyp
5. Antvort
6. Vansinn
7. Mareham
8. Feigdarvarsel
9. Vettekult
10. Vandring
Line up Dolk – Vocals
Thomas – Guitars
Jon – Bass
II13 - Drums
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