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Ondskapt, The One, Coldborn - Swedish cult black metal?
Even though my knowledge of black metal is still restricted to basically nothing, I’m trying to get into it more and more. So I decided to visit Ondskapt at the Baroeg with some friends and see if they would bring me closer to the scene. Bring on the corpsepaint!
The opening act of tonight was the Belgian black metal band Coldborn, a five headed, corpse-painted group that started their set quite enthusiastically, but gradually lost interest when the crowd appeared to be not so impressed. The music they played was not highly original either, which might be the reason for the crowd’s response (although it remained calm for the rest of the evening). Coldborn mixed brutal fast black metal parts with slow, grim, doom black metal passages which made for long-stretched songs that kind of made me lose attention. Add to that a poor sound coming from the PA and the not so tight playing of the band itself and you can conclude that there are nicer fish out there in the sea.
Up next was a more promising act, namely The One from the UK. This corpse-painted two piece consisting of a drummer and a guitarist/vocalist (who was dressed in a monk’s outfit) had a very nice sound compared to the previous act. Slightly black ‘n’ roll here and there, but overall a good and powerful black metal sound with a couple of interesting riffs. The vocals were a bit strange, I’d almost say awkward, it was like a hardcore vocalist went black metal or something. Yet this gave the band a face of their own even more, which is an accomplishment on its own in this scene. A nice atmospheric performance with some theatrical Satanic stuff, a whole lot of smoke and some nice songs in average.
Before the show, I was told by a couple of people that the Swedes of Ondskapt, who have quite a cult status for many black metal fans, have a lousy live performance. So my expectations were quite low, and concluding from the fans’ reactions they didn’t make it to the level they reach on their albums. Even after the show nobody really cared for an encore. The band took the stage with just two dudes corpse-painted and two dudes looking, well, normal. I guess they don’t want to stand there as a whole or something. The sound of the guitar missed a lot of power tonight, which made the show, which was executed pretty nicely for the rest, a bit tedious. I guess they lived up to the expectations everyone had. Too bad, because looking at the number of people here tonight it seems that they have quite a following. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them start playing their music a whole lot less. Clearly these dudes have a lot to work on if they ever go out on tour again.
Details Written on Saturday Apr 18th, 2009
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Ondskapt #The One #Coldborn