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Zeroscape - ...And if this is the End I Will
Zeroscape describes themselves as ‘a band with a blend of metal, hardcore, reggae and soul to produce a truly unique sound’. And although this way of describing yourself is something I dislike, the combination of these styles must be some sign for an interesting debut album. The biography also says that singer Rob McLeod is able to use his voice in a way that it will fit with all the different styles Zeroscape is playing. Well, show us then!
The album starts pretty weird actually, with the unedifying ‘Outnumbered’  but as soon as the second song kicks in, it is clear that at least the story about the vocals is true. Rob seems to be able to sing tight, clean, heavy and grunting in which the guitar plays a very important leading role. They guide the singer with fast chords or tell him when to shut up if some weird sounds (think RATM) are being produced. So, we can already speak of balance.
Things really start to get interesting when the fifth, killer song ‘Uncle Bush Wants You’ where the combination of violence and tenderness creates an awesome sphere. The different music parts seem to fit together all of a sudden and Rob again shows he is able to use his voice in many perfect ways. The emotions of this song seem to be pure as hell and the lyrics can only emphasize that.
Unfortunately, this seems to be the only really killer song of the album, because afterwards, the quality decreases a little. Listen to the fast song Hollywood  where especially the clean guitars sound pretty bad. The cheap production is proof of this, but the ballad ‘Anything at All’ and the title track are signs of the capacity of great songwriting by Zeroscape. Maybe the band needs some more time in the studio next time to work some ideas out a little more.
It's for sure that we haven’t heard the last of Zeroscape. I’m really looking forward to see them live, maybe they can bring something extra compared to the record which is full of different extremities. And if they prove they’re able to do so, we could have our new Bad Brains all of a sudden. Sounds nice doesn’t it?
Zeroscape - ...And if this is the End I Will
73/1001Details Bad Reputation
Released on Saturday May 27th, 2006

Writer @CarpeSiem on Wednesday Aug 23rd, 2006

Tags: #Zeroscape
Tracklisting 1. Outnumbered
2. Skank And Live
3. Indigo
4. Toy Soldier
5. Uncle Bush Wants You
6. Haven\'t Seen Such a Long Time
7. Anything at All
8. Hollywood
9. Till Death Do Us
10. Boom
11. ...And if this is then End I Will
Line up Binski: vocals/guitar
Speshalizt: guitar
Macnizzow: bass/vocals
Jizzle: drums