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Frost - Milliontown
What are you going to do when you’ve written songs for pop-acts like Blue, Ronan Keating and Atomic Kitten? Indeed, you start your own progressive rock band. This is not the follow-up for Jack Frost’s solo-project, but a project by two men who thought of broadening their own boundaries by forming Frost.
There are only six songs on the album of which most of them are, likely, instrumental. Opener ‘Hyperventilate’ sounds pretty ok but sounds too much electronic like in a computer game. ‘No Me No You’ has the same weakness, although it sounds heavier with the low vocals, fast guitars and epic chorus.
Things really start to get interesting at the fourth song, ‘The Other Me’ with the ultimate prog chorus. From this song on, the different instruments and sounds seem to come together as if the final pieces of a puzzle are starting to fall in between the boundaries of the frame.
The progressive part continues to have a real strong aspect on the rest of the album with some nice surprises. Title track ‘Milliontown’ is a true heaven for prog lovers, due to the length (over 26 minutes) and its continuously variation in rhythm and sound. It is clear to hear that the guys from Frost know how to handle songwriting, due to the complexity of this record.
Yet, I wonder why the flow of the album starts to settle only on half of the songs. It is as if you’re watching a live show where all the killer songs are being reserved for the end. And that’s not what you want; you want a whole, complete package of a nice mixture of the different styles you like. Sure, Frost has got the potential to become an important band in the scene but it must not loose out of sight what the origin of writing music is about, namely entertainment.
Frost - Milliontown
66/1001Details Inside Out Music
Released on Monday Jul 24th, 2006
Progressive Rock

Writer @CarpeSiem on Thursday Aug 24th, 2006

Tags: #Frost
Tracklisting 1. Hyperventilate
2. No Me No You
3. Snowman
4. The Other Me
5. Black Light Machine
6. Milliontown
Line up Jem Godfrey: keyboards, vocals
John Mitchell: guitars, vocals
Andy Edwards: drums
John Jowitt: bass