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Between The Buried And Me - The Silent Circus
Sometimes you just bump into a record, that sounds brutal and cool at the same time. It was a little while ago when I encountered Between The Buried And Me and with their self titled debut they tore the walls down. Now they have a new record, and if it reaches toward their debut album qua brutality, then I certainly will check this band out more often. The Silent Circus is their new studio album and let�s see what we can make of it. The intro doesn�t last long and BTBAM kicks in with deadly precision. The nice mix of hardcore and death metal with traces of grindcore through it sounds professional. The grunt of the vocalist is extremely low, and people who think they have met an ordinary hardcore band are disappointed. BTBAM is heavy, heavy as we want to hear moshmetal this day. The songs are neatly composed and it becomes even more difficult to hear hardcore elements through. The whole sounds like an overproduced Death metal album but there�s still a little trace of other elements. People say they started out as a hardcore band, well, there isn�t much left of it, and for me that�s only positive. Some noteworthy songs are Camilla Rhodes and Destructo Spin, that sounds more metalcore. A slow, ballad like song is also on this album under the name Mordecai, but they could have left this one out. Pure fucking metalcore with fat traces of Death Metal, and the Death elements even surpass the others. Between The Buried And Me have not created such a brutal work as their debut, but this one comes very close, and man, what a double bass kick this drummer has. It almost seems he has a hyperactivity syndrome, which is very positive for lastability of the record. You�ll certainly want to listen this more than one time! Track List: 1: Lost Perfection A. Coulrophobi 2: B. Anablephobia 3: Camilla Rhodes 4: Mordecai 5: Reaction 6: Shevanel (Take 2) 7: Ad A Dglgmut 8: Destructo Spin 9: Aesthetic Line Up: Vocals/Keys � Tommy Rogers Guitars � Nick Guitars � Paul Waggoner Bass � Jason Schofield King Drums � Mark E. Castillo
Between The Buried And Me - The Silent Circus
79/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Between The Buried And Me
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