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Between The Buried And Me - Colors
Between The Buried And Me consists of a group of guys who seem to be able to play almost everything. I was already impressed with their previous effort, Alaska (and I kindly redirect you to that review since it contains the background information you will probably want to read). After Alaska, the band recorded an album full of their favourite covers called The Anatomy Of BTBAM, and now it's time for the new prog-death-core-jazz-metal-blendermetal epic called Colors.

Starting with a Beatles-ish pianopart, sounding like a lonely piano in a lonely building with a lonely pianist, but it doesn't take long before the trademark BTBaM guitarmelodies kick in together with the powerful grunts. All the tracks on this record are pretty linear and flow into each other, so you're basically listening to a 1 hour 4 minutes progressive-metal record where you'll rarely hear repeating segments.

I`ll just break down one of the larger tracks, 'Ants Of The Sky' (clocking in at 13:10), the amount of stuff in this song alone will probably give you a decent idea about what this band is up to on this record (and hopefully catch your interest as well)

0:00 Dream Theater opening lick 
0:07 Speedmetal chords 
0:17 Children of Bodom-esque guitarlines and vocals 
1:08 Atmospheric piano-segment  
1:22 Catchy guitar-lead 
2:12 Opeth-ish chords and keys in an odd time. 
2:42 Guitar-based build up reminding me of a Sikth song 
3:11 Every Time I Die-like part with a southern riff 
3:45 Full on southern-rock mode with guitar solo 
4:20 See previous part, but now with a keyboard lead and the ever so important cowbell! 4:36 Blastbeats and metalriffs
5:23 Melodic guitarlead with accompanying drums
5:49 Semi-acoustic part with marching-drums
6:05 Going up and down some guitar scales
6:20 Sort of breakdown
6:47 Thrashmetal and a blastbeat
7:02 The nod to Slayer with a halftime riff
7:28 Guitar fade-out.
7:38 Acoustic guitar with a solemn sounding lead, building drums
8:20 Melodic Porcupine Tree-clean vocals, with a grunt on the background
9:05 More build up with guitars and drums
9:38 Prog-rock part with clean guitars and vocals
10:40 Mellow upbeat guitar solo combined with acoustic guitars
11:22 Fade out, sounds of other people
11:35 Country
12:09 Back to the guitarlead from 1:22
13:10 FIN.

Some other highlights: The melodic, calm 'Viridian' with a jazzy fretless bassguitar solo.

So yeah, just as their previous shiny disc full of music, Colors is an amazing effort. The music jumps from one extreme to the other, and everything is excecuted with a level of skill that you rarely see these days. Are there any negative things to say? Personally; I miss a few more elaborate atmospheric parts. The (death) metal thing is awesome, but in the end there aren't that many musical permutations you can make with blastbeats and fast guitars..they tend to sound alike. Because of this, I rate this record 1% lower than Alaska. 

But it's still goddamn amazing.
Between The Buried And Me - Colors
91/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Sep 18th, 2007
Progressive Metal

Writer @Carn on Monday Oct 29th, 2007

Tags: #Between The Buried And Me
Tracklisting 1. "Foam Born (a) The Backtrack" � 2:13
2. "(b) The Decade of Statues" � 5:20
3. "Informal Gluttony" � 6:47
4. "Sun of Nothing" � 10:59
5. "Ants of the Sky" � 13:10
6. "Prequel to the Sequel" � 8:36
7. "Viridian" � 2:51
8. "White Walls" � 14:13
Line up Tommy Giles Rogers Jr. � vocals, keyboards
Paul Waggoner � guitar
Dan Briggs � bass
Dustie Waring � guitar
Blake Richardson � drums
Adam Fisher � guest vocals on "Prequel to the Sequel"