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Horncrowned - Satanic Armageddon
Horncrowned,…Satanic Armageddon…….should say enough. The coverart: A baphomet on a tank, a pentagram with 666 in the middle, burning churches and some skeletons. It’s very clear this is a ska record….. Duh, of course this is fucking raw black metal.

Well the description about the artwork and the name Horncrowned really represent the music these Columbians create. Hyper fast church burning black metal is how they call it. Well I can imagine why. I don’t think I have to tell you anymore about this record. It’s hard, fast, fast, fast and fast. This albums wakes the worst in you. While listening this record I became more and more aggressive.

The production is very good. It has a very clear sound, and a good mix. The vocals are raw, just like the guitars, although I can’t understand every word the vocalist is screaming, it's quiet clear he isn't singing about the birds and the bees. 

What more can I say? So if you are in the mood for some extreme black metal like Cult ov Azazel, Marduk or Gorgoroth, Satanic Armageddon is the record you should buy! Hailz!
Horncrowned - Satanic Armageddon
80/1001Details Ketzer Records
Released on Friday Mar 10th, 2006
Hyperfast church burning black metal

Writer @Arcane on Tuesday Aug 29th, 2006

Tags: #Horncrowned
Tracklisting 01. Christophobic Campaign Of Annihilation
02. Breed Of Nuclear Devastation
03. Hatred Anthem
04. Black Seeds Of Holocaust
05. Dominions Of The Cursed
06. Demonic Mark Inside (The Goatsoldier)
07. Satanic Armageddon
08. Rebirth Into The Acheron
09. T.B.M.M. Offensive (Horncrowned II)
10. Crowned Is Hell
11. Triumph Of The Beast
Line up Blastphemer - vocals
Demongoat - guitars
Diabolium - guitars
Infernak-47 - Bass
Bombardier - drums