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Horncrowned - Casus Belli Antichristianus
Who would have thought that besides cocaine there would also appear black-metal from a country like Colombia? I certainly didn’t, but in fact this is already the third full length of these hyperfast church burning black-metallers as they like to call it!
First off all, I’m surprised that such quality black-metal is coming from a country like Colombia. This CD oozes professionalism, be it the very busy and colorful lay-out, but most of all the great production of this album. None else then Andy Classen mastered this disc, so that’s probably why it sounds so powerful and clear.
Horncrowned released in Casus Belli Antichristianus their third installment to battle against everything that is holy or Christian. Musically this band reminds me a lot of older Marduk, mixed with old Mayhem stuff. It’s pretty much influenced by the second wave of Norwegian black-metal in the early 90’s, including the whole church burning and anti-Christian thing. To me that a little bit outdated, because nowadays black-metal is more about being free from any restrictions in life and music, but hey everyone his own cup of black coffee!
Nonetheless Horncrowned proves us that black-metal goes beyond boundaries and gives us a blistering, aggressive piece of black-metal. Even when they go full speed throughout the whole disc, it never gets boring. The songs are fast, but there’s enough space and diversity in between the songs. One of the better songs is the title track, which opens with church bells ringing in the distance and battle noises, to burst into a hyperblasting fast black-metal song, which beats you to a black puddle of pulp. Luckily there are also some mid-tempo headbanging riffs throughout this song.
Interesting piece of exotic black-metal, from a country only known for snoring coke (that’s probably why they are that fast, ha!).
Horncrowned - Casus Belli Antichristianus
75/1001Details Ketzer Records
Released on Wednesday Dec 30th, 2009
Black Metal

Writer @RoyBalowski on Sunday Feb 21st, 2010

Tags: #Horncrowned
Tracklisting 1. Outbreak Of War (Twiglight Of Fire)
2. Lucifer's Flamethrower Horde (Thy Demonical Squad)
3. Blackfire Stratocumulus (Pest Arrival)
4. Diabolical Indoctrination
5. Point Zero (Concentrated Fire)
6. Anticlericalism
7. Casus Belli Anticristianus (Pursuit To The Weaks)
8. Defeated Christ
9. Goats Troops Conquers (Ad Infentum)
Line up Demongoat - guitars, vocals
Infernak 47 - bass
Bombardier - drums
Dev Spectrum - guitars