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Kayser - The Good Citizen
These Swedish guys are unknown to me, but it is thrash metal that they make. They’ve released this EP to prepare their fans (and fans-to-be) for their upcoming full-length album Frame The World..Hang It On The World. Lets see what it's made of.
The album consists of four tracks and a video for the “Good Citizen” track. That particular track was also available on their 2005 release Kaiserhof. The two tracks following “Good Citizen” will be on the new album, and the song “Propaganda” is probably limited to this release.

About the music then, it can be described as a very good mix between thrash and heavy metal. It never gets too heavy, and it never gets too gay. Although the vocals are still quite high, they never reach ball-squeezing heights. No real screams are conducted either. The only thing that the vocals could use a bit more is convincingness, and perhaps some more enthusiasm. The music is executed good and tight, not much to complain on that area. I could say that I’m more of a thrash metal guy, so I would have preferred more brutality, but who am I?
So for the people into not-too-heavy metal, Kayser is your band. Watch out for their upcoming full-length release later this year.
Kayser - The Good Citizen
73/1001Details Scarlet Records
Released on Friday Sep 1st, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Aug 29th, 2006

Tags: #Kayser
Tracklisting 1. Good Citizen
2. Lost In The Mud
3. Fall
4. Propaganda
Line up Spice – vocals
Swaney – guitar
Jokke Pettersson – guitar
Bob Ruben – drums