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Kayser - Frame The World...Hang It On The Wall
I reviewed Kayser’s EP The Good Citizen last year, which also contained some songs found on this full-length Frame The World…Hang It On The Wall, which is a damn long album title if you ask me. But the pun is quite funny, lets see if the music is nice as well.

This full-length shows more sides of Kayser than the EP. There is a lot more variety in the music itself, it now ranges from old-skool thrash metal, heavy metal, some hard rock and even some experimental pop-rock/ballad like material. It’s certainly enough to keep one entertained, but overall I think the material is too average and done too often to really have an impact on the world.

A band that comes to mind as comparing material is Soil, only in a more thrashy and heavy metal version. Nothing really special, but still very entertaining. Vocally this comparison can be made as well, if it wasn’t for the trademark voice Ryan McCombs once brought to Soil’s ranks. This guy Spice (who was once active in The Spiritual Beggars) has about the same heaviness in his voice, but misses a distinctive sound. Too bad, because he’s certainly not a bad vocalist.

Kayser has announced a European tour together with Ektomorf and Blinded Colony, which ought to expose them to quite some new people. I’m curious about how they will do after this and I might just check them out on their Dutch date. We’ll see what the future brings for Kayser.
Kayser - Frame The World...Hang It On The Wall
75/1001Details Scarlet Records
Released on Monday Oct 16th, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Jan 2nd, 2007

Tags: #Kayser
Tracklisting 1. The Cake
2. Lost In The Mud
3. Evolution
4. Not Dead...Yet
5. Absence
6. Turn To Grey
7. Cheap Glue
8. Note From Your Wicked Son
9. Everlasting
10. Fall
11. Born Into This
12. Jake

Line up Jokke - Guitar
Swaney - Guitar
Spice - Vocals
Bob Ruben - Drums
Ewil - Bass