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Draconian - The Burning Halo
Originally formed in 1994, Sweden’s Draconian has been working on the road for quite some time now. Many line-up changes tormented the band, but not many releases saw the light of day due to their high standards in quality. Now they finally deliver us something that makes them proud.
Well, to start it of, I love doom metal, but I usually hate funeral doom. I also have a huge disgust towards gothic, but somehow the combination of female vocals with funeral doom seems to appeal to me.
This is also the case with Draconian. The dark and depressing atmosphere seems to be able to relax me, but also enchant me into a forest of minor chords, opera singing, deep grunts and classical piano parts. And surprisingly, this forest can easily be cut down with chainsaw death metal eruptions in certain songs, or just some slight up-tempo parts. Now I don’t immediately say My Dying Bride (but it’s probably the best resemblance) because I hate that band and I like this one way better. So let me linger in my fantasy will ya!
The power of this band surely lays in epic compositions that almost give new meaning to the word drama. The female singing is outstanding, she actually reminds me of that one gothic girl that I can stand, Within Temptation’s Sharon. Only this girl is a bit slower in getting all the words out of course. The grunts are fortunately not irritating. I can’t really explain why, they just seem to strike me in the right place. Or the irritating facets are dissolved by the enchanting tones miss Lisa Johansson sings.
This is a release that is surely worth checking out for anyone into gothic, doom or funeral doom. My Dying Bride can better beware, she’s about to be consumed by a Draconian.
Draconian - The Burning Halo
88/1001Details Napalm Records
Released on Tuesday Aug 8th, 2006
funeral doom

Writer @DemonDust on Friday Sep 1st, 2006

Tags: #Draconian
Tracklisting 1. She Dies
2. Through Infectious Waters (A Sickness Elegy)
3. The Dying
4. Serenade Of Sorrow
5. The Morningstar
6. The Gothic Embrace
7. On Sunday They Will Kill The World
8. Forever My Queen
Line up Anders Jacobsson – vocals
Lisa Johansson – vocals
Johan Ericson – lead and rhythm guitars
Andreas Karlsson – synthesizer and programming
Jerry Torstensson – drums
Daniel Arvidson – rhythm guitars
Fredrik Johansson – bass