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Death Breath - Stinking up the Night
Death Breath is a death metal band from Sweden with a pretty decent line-up, having former members from Entombed and Deathwish. The story is pretty easy, formed in 2005, signed by the Black Lodge label and playing death metal. Why? Why not.
There’s nothing wrong with a good piece of death metal once in a while, but Death Breath is playing music that causes my eyes to spread entirely open. You know that feeling, that you really have to get used to something you’re witnessing? That’s the case with this album.

Maybe it’s because I received the album on a cassette tape (how romantic) but the sound isn’t that good. I feel like listening to a quick demo which really damages the guitar sound. Kicker 'Death Breath’ is ok but afterwards I feel like listening to a bad mixture of drums and guitar. That is, for the next three songs.

The B-side (oh, how I love to mention this) contains way stronger and interesting material. Apparently, the songwriting has been taking into longer consideration, because especially ‘Flabby Little Things From Beyond’ is one of the best death metal songs I’ve ever heard. My god, Andersson is doing things…….well just things on the drum kit. I cannot describe that entirely. Last song ‘Cthulhu Fhtagn’ is an acoustic song to make you feel calm after the sensation of death.

Stinking up the Night has become a nice treat for death metal fans although I hope that the sound on the cd is better than on tape. The variation, especially on the second part is really interesting although I hope that the songwriting and the sound will improve next time.
Death Breath - Stinking up the Night
65/1001Details Black Lodge
Released on Friday Sep 22nd, 2006
Death Metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Wednesday Sep 6th, 2006

Tags: #Death Breath
Tracklisting 1. Death Breath
2. Chopping Spree
3. Heading for Decapitation
4. Dragges Through the Mud
5. Coffins of the Unembalmed Dead
6. A Morbid Mind
7. Reduced to Ashes
8. Christ all Fucking Mighty
9. Flabby little Things from Beyond
10. Cthulhu Fhtagn
Line up Robert Pehrsson: vocals, guitar
Nicke Andersson: drums, guitar
Magnus Hedquist: bass