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Breed 77 - In my Blood (En mi Sangre)
Breed 77 is a band. A (typical) four member band with already one full-length album. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with that record but according to some of my colleagues in other magazines; it wasn’t such a bad album. In my opinion, this second one should have never been made or at least not in this form.
The sound of Breed 77 is actually something pretty unique. The Eastern influences and acoustic guitar are not like we’re used to from bands like Ill Nino but still create a pretty characteristic sphere. Especially the acoustic parts like on 'Tears’ are interesting.
But let’s start from the beginning, the album kicks in pretty ok although thoughts of a cheep P.O.D. immediately come into mind. The production is ok, the music quite easy and the songs have a recognizable structure and a mix of acoustic, heavy modern rock and even some little metalcore riffs.
Of course this is the ideal information for a biography but unfortunately it has been worked out pretty bad. I get the idea that the band has become over-enthusiastic after the last album which resulted in an over mixture of all the things I just mentioned. ‘Empty Words’ starts slow but is treated with an unpleasant scream all of a sudden. The singer has got an annoying voice which he uses for so many clichés in his lyrics that he would fit better in an ultra emo-band.
And then the production, men, this guy needs a kick under his lazy ass. Listen to the sixth song for instance where ‘Look at me Now’ contains the most false note I’ve ever witnessed on an album. This is how I sound after seven days of Sziget festival, not when entering a studio for God’s sake! A very, very big mistake! To make the whole picture even worse, ‘Tears’ contains a children’s choir at the end to sing the final chorus: ‘We don’t need your pointless war. Can you think what you’re finding for? You don’t listen to control when our life is all we own. We don’t need to point them out, like tears from heaven they fall.’.
No, Breed 77 will not be rotated in my cd-player anymore. Think about you’re song structure, style and production again guys. In my Blood is not what is helping you out.
Breed 77 - In my Blood (En mi Sangre)
25/1001Details Albert Productions
Released on Monday Sep 11th, 2006

Writer @CarpeSiem on Wednesday Sep 6th, 2006

Tags: #Breed 77
Tracklisting 1. Petroleo (You WIll be King)
2. Empty Words
3. Viento de Levante
4. Blind
5. Remember that Day
6. Look at me Now
7. So You Know
8. The Game
9. Alive
10. Libertad
11. Tears
Line up Paul Isola: vocals
Danny Felice: guitar
Pedro Caparros Lopez: drums
Stuart Cavilla: bass