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Kottak - Therupy
There are some bands that’ll get your sympathy right from the moment you get in contact with them for the first time. Kottak  is such a band, formed from previous Krunk and already busy since 1995. Singer Jimmy Ratchitt has played drums in a band called Scorpions for a pretty long time and now he’s released a cd of his own with his Kottak band mates.
1 2 3 4!! This is how the record starts and then I immediately realize what I’ve got in my hands; a nice piece of punk & roll music. Literally every song is a simple head knocker with easy to recognize guitar melodies and lyrics. The band plays an easy mix of bands like Green Day and Nashville Pussy and is here for only one reason; having fun.
And that’s clear to hear. Ratchitt is not the best singer in the world but he’s aware of that. The intention of the band is not to create the most technical punkrock there is, but to entertain. ‘Ripped’ and ‘Do you want to Plaaayy’ and the really funny ‘Funday’ and ‘High (in my Little Room)'  will sure have a nice effect on anyone who’s not familiar with the band although there is also some space for a little step outside of the regular pathways like on the slower ‘I Miss You’.
Yes, Kottak has done a fine job. There are even some female vocals noticeable on ’Anti’, a nice rock & rap song, which strengthens my point even more. It’s a pity that the album will be released at the end of the summer; because I’m sure it would be a real blast in the hot sun.
Well, nothing more to say about Therupy. Do not expect a high quality punk record but a full-length ride that’s full of fun and catchy tunes. I’m sure it will rotate a lot in my cd-player these days. Let it role!! 
Kottak - Therupy
76/1001Details Escapi Music
Released on Friday Sep 29th, 2006
Punk & Roll

Writer @CarpeSiem on Thursday Sep 7th, 2006

Tags: #Kottak
Tracklisting 1. Money Changes Everything
2. Ripped
3. Song that won\'t go Away
4. Do You Want to Play
5. I Miss You
6. Pink/Soft
7. Funday
8. Life Support
9. High (In my Little Room)
10. Generation X
11. Anti
12. Holiday
Line up Jimmy Ratchitt: vocals, guitar
Athena: drums
Dave Whiston: lead guitar
Rev Jones: bass