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NE1 - Light Of Life
NE1 (Read: Anyone) is a new Dutch band, raised by two musicians with totally different musical backgrounds. This is the opening sentence in the biography of this act. Marco van der Aar teamed up and joined forces with Koen Spronk on NE1’s debut album ‘Light of Life’ which features electronic rock created by perfectionists.

is a mix of rock and electronic music. After Koen finished his study Audio Design he already possessed a record-deal with Bionic Recordings. His electronic view works brilliantly on the brand new disc. Within moments you can hear influences of various famous rock and metal acts like Korn and Static-X combined with a lot of electronic effects! And I have to say it works great together. The creative energy has worked great and thanks to a smooth production it is a pleasure to listen to this album.

Besides modern rock influences you can also hear some progressive and older rock influences and after the insertion of electronic parts in this songs a new refreshing sound is created which is stunning and even, in a way, original. Modern rock is often supported by a lot of electronic effects but this music is supported by uncommon sounds for rock songs. You might say this has been done before and you are right. Some parts do remind me of T. Raumschmiere or maybe even The Prodigy here and there but NE1 has been more creative and diverse with their process of writing songs.

I loved listening to this record for the past weeks. But on the other hand I don’t know if this disc will still be in my player on a regular bases. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. But I can advise this disc to a lot of our readers because it is fun, refreshing and relaxing. Let’s see if they can make it in a country which is as tough as Holland. Let’s see if NE1 can conquer the world?
NE1 - Light Of Life
81/1001Details Suburban
Released on Monday Sep 4th, 2006
Electronic Rock

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Monday Sep 11th, 2006

Tags: #NE1
Tracklisting 1. Welcome to our World
2. Chit-Chat Junkie
3. Stabbed
4. Vagabond
5. Feel the Heat
6. Light of Life
7. Run to the Moon
8. My Angel
9. Always the Same
10. Into the Mirror
11. Be my Baby
12. Sleeping Demons
13. Welcome
14. Back to Reality
Line up Marco van der Aar - vocals
Koen Spronk - Sampling, beats, percussion
Frank \"Gold\" Terriet - Guitar
Natascha \"Pebbles\" Thijssen - Bass
Jos Zoomer - Drums