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NE1 - A combination of 5 backgrounds into 1 disc!
I have reviewed the NE1 debut album a couple of weeks ago and I still play this disc on a regular basis. When I got the chance to send the guys some questions I could not say no and below you can find the result of this email conversation!

Can you please introduce yourself to the foreign or unknown visitors?

We are NE1! A Dutch rockband with a lot of new modern influences.We don’t like to make music in a way every band does. We try to incorporate many styles and influences in our music, which you can hear on our album. Anything from trouser-flapping bass lines to soothing piano-tunes, from ‘old-school’ rock to modern day break beats, you can expect anything!

What is the idea behind your debut album Light Of Life and the name NE1 (=Anyone)?

The idea is basically creating music which we, the band members, all like. We are all creative people with totally different musical backgrounds, and when you put them all together and let them do what they want you get an album like this! Marco and Koen created the basic ideas for each song, and after that every NE1 member filled their ‘part’ in their own way and style. This way we were able to write and record this whole album within a year, and we won’t stop there.. The second album is half finished!
At first the concept of the band was mixing rock with dance and electronic music, but the result turned out to be so much more.. Everyone put in their effort, and everybody did a great job!
The name NE1 also comes from there.. We try to create music in which anyone can find something they like. From NE1, for anyone!
The name for the album is something that everyone interpreters in their own way. Everyone has their own ‘Light of Life’, a thing you are really passionate about. For us, it’s music, but to each his own.. 

2 different backgrounds is not ‘new’ and has been done before, we can clearly hear some influences here and there, what can you tell us about your own idols which influenced you on this album?

I have to correct you, we don’t just have 2 backgrounds, we have 5! Everyone has a different musical taste.. For instance, Frank also plays in a blues-band, and Koen creates hardcore-dance in his home-studio! Natasja regularly plays with Action in DC, an AC/DC tribute-band, and Marco used to tour the world with Soylent Green.. Influences come from all over the planet! We all listen to all different kinds of music, but if you must have some names that were of particular influence to us:
The Prodigy, Pink Floyd, Junkie XL, The Doors, Muse, David Bowie, Radiohead and many more! Keep in mind that we are NOT trying to sound like any of these bands, we try to create our very own style and sound!
You guys are mentioned as a duo in your bio, do you guys consider NE1 as a project with a background band?

We have to get this out of your system, we are NOT a duo! Marco and Koen started this whole thing and do most of the writing for the music and lyrics, but the rest is definitely NE1! Everyone gets to put in their parts and ideas.. We consider ourselves as a full band with 5 different, equal opinions.

For a Dutch band your debut album is packaged in an attractive way, why this digi pack?

You just answered that question yourself, haha.. It just looks great! Our graphic designer, Dorjan Duitshof, created an amazing drawing, which just looked better in 1 piece, so we chose the digi-pack! Furthermore, it just looks better than a regular jewel-case, doesn’t it?
What was the writing process like, who started and what was done to combine your styles?

Marco and Koen started writing in the first place. We didn’t make any concrete plans on how to combine styles or whatsoever, we just started and the more we wrote, the more we started to develop our own style. Sometimes we are in the mood for fat dance-beats (like 'Stabbed'), the other day we write something more relaxed (like 'My Angel'). There are no limits or boundaries!
When we start writing a track, Marco and Koen lay down the basic foundation of the track. Chord schemes, rhythms, ideas, sounds, samples, etcetera, everything on the computer. These concepts basically, well.. sound like crap, with computer-generated guitars, bass and drums. We hand those ideas and concepts to the rest of the band, and they all come up with their own ideas, following the basic concept of the track. When we go into the studio everyone does their own ‘thing’, and sometimes tracks sound totally different after recording! Which is a good thing, as we think this band is a group effort, not just a duo or project!
What do you want to achieve in the following year with NE1? Big sales, festivals, club shows, Europe?

All of those, please! Haha.. We never created music with the sole purpose of making money. If we wanted to do that, we could just copy another successful band, slap that on a cd and try to sell as much as we can, without putting our hearts and souls into the music. The main goal is playing live a lot! Festivals, clubs, call us and we will be there! Of course it would be nice to get some recognition within Europe and eventually the rest of the world, and Suburban (our distributor) is currently distributing our album throughout the whole of Europe. We are getting amazing reviews, some even say that our album is the best thing that has come out of Holland for a really long time.. Which is really good to hear! But our main aim is playing.. Everywhere!
If there was one big hit you could choose to reconstruct and give it the NE1 feeling, what song would you pick and why? (The Junkie XL / Elvis Presley – Al Little Less Conversation as an example)

This is such a hard question, since we all like a lot of music.. Within the band, preferred music styles range from black metal to blues and everything in between, so it’s incredibly hard to pick just one song.. But if we HAVE to choose.. Anything by Pink Floyd.
Your bio states there is going to be a single and you are going to try to hit the charts and radio stations, what is the progress on this?

We had a really hard time picking the single, but we recently decided on what songs to be on it! We can’t really tell you more, but it IS coming your way! We just don’t know how long it will take, but we hope it will be there as soon as possible! Some radio stations have picked us up already and played one or more of our tracks on the air! We had some interviews with radio stations from Holland, Belgium and Australia, and the response is really good! Once we have the single ready we will try and get some more airplay.
So there it is, you delivered a great album and then what. Tell us the story from album release until now!

It all went so fast, it’s unbelievable.. Since the album was finished we had a distribution offer from Suburban, and as said before, we had a lot of reviews in magazines and webzines, which all are amazingly good.. We are currently practicing our butts off because we have some gigs planned, and the album release-party is coming up! We are still looking for a way to distribute the album in the rest of the world, and we have good hopes for that. We are hoping on performing everywhere, so who knows.. You might see us soon in a club or on a festival near you!
Thanks and hope to see you guys soon!

Same here, thank you for this interview, and be sure to check out our website on !
Details Written on 2006-10-05
Writer @Buzzin Hornet

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