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Lacrimas Profundere - Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts
How we all hate HIM. Except for some depressed semi-gothics and/or emokids of course. We try to deny that such a band can exist, but there obviously is a market for the so called love metal. The term itself makes me tremble with disgust. But what if other people tried to enter that market as well?
Because that’s just what Lacrimas Profundere is trying to do, and it SUCKS! I would love to end this review right here, but we’re living in a world where people want to see your opinion supported by arguments, so here we go.
I’ve played the record twice, and that was about enough to memorize it. It seemed like there’s just one basic song of which they’ve created small variations, thirteen times. The songs themselves all have about the same build-up and are as predictable as an episode of the A-Team. There really isn’t much going on you can safely say.
Now for my favourite part, the vocals. Wannabe Peter Steele crap. I mean, Peter Steele has done quite some amazing things, like doing Carnivore, Type O Negative and living in his drug-using mother’s basement. This guy is just doing a sentimental rip-off of that man’s road to success. But on the other hand, I should be glad that the vocals aren’t emo. But I’m not.
Another uber-cheesy asset of the band, the keyboards. It isn’t my favourite instrument to start with, but I’ve seen my share of people that could impress me or show me something original with it. This guy just adds some atmosphere to the already dead tracks. Get lost man!
To conclude this, I just reviewed this because nobody else wanted this pile of garbage. I’ve heard and seen way better releases of Napalm Records and I don’t understand why they would want to try to enter the love metal (how horrible is that term) scene with crap like that. FUCK THIS SHIT, BE ORIGINAL! With your dumb Latin name.
Lacrimas Profundere - Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts
24/1001Details Napalm Records
Released on Tuesday Aug 29th, 2006
love metal

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Sep 12th, 2006

Tags: #Lacrimas Profundere
Tracklisting 01. My Velvet Little Darkness
02. Again It\'s Over
03. Not To Stay
04. No Dear Hearts
05. Short Glance
06. Filthy Notes
07. Sweet Caroline
08. An Irresistible Fault
09. To Love Her On Knees
10. Sad Theme For A Marriage
11. Should
12. My Mescaline
Line up Oliver Nikolas - guitar
Christopher - vocals
Christian - keyboards
Daniel - bass
Tony - guitar