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Tourettes Syndrome - SicksensE
Tourettes Syndrome can be two things. First, it’s a gathering of appearances in the form of uncontrolled muscle activities and the creation of sounds, also called tics. Second, there’s an Australian heavy metal band with a third album coming out on the 13th of October.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the band, we’ve got a lady singing here. But not like in Nightwish or Lacuna Coil. No, I remember a band called Arch Enemy, which should ring a bell, of which the vocals come closer to the sound of Michelle Madden.
But do not expect a copycat of that band I just mentioned. Therefore, the music is too different. I here a lot of influences actually which makes it hard to specify the band explicitly. A combination of all the dark parts of bands like the complex Meshuggah, although a bit softer, Deftones and Marilyn Manson, with the creepy, searching storyteller voice.
The result of this is a set of complex and hard to understand songs which are not easy to listen to. I can thus understand that a lot of people will just put SicksensE aside, but it would be unfair to deny the quality of the complexity in this way. Especially songs like ‘Gear’, ‘Longline’ and ‘Small Enemy’ are being played very well. And let this be the type of songs that seem to have gotten a little more attention during the songwriting than others. Brutality, but under control, is performed really ok here where other songs like ‘Fracture’ or ‘Glad’ fail to be impressive during all the way through. And that’s not that good if you choose to play a style that is already complex and tough to be inspired by.
It’s clear that the quality of the band is reflected in the bands’ name. The spontaneous change in song patterns and the dark sphere must make metal fans activate their ears. However, I’m certain that a lot of them will loose their attention, due to the fact that although the effort is great, the final product fails to be powerful for 100%.
Tourettes Syndrome - SicksensE
66/1001Details Armageddon Music
Released on Friday Oct 13th, 2006
Crossover Metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Monday Sep 18th, 2006

Tags: #Tourettes Syndrome
Tracklisting 1. Good Morning
2. Nola
3. Fracture
4. Gear
5. Glad
6. R.F.S.
7. Rail
8. Circus
9. Small Enemy
10. Longline
11. Novena
Line up Ross Empson: bass
Michal Quigley: drums
Michele Madden: vocals
Ashley Manning: guitar