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Harm - Devil
Norway’s Harm have been around since 1997, operating in the underground, gaining fans. Of course after all this time the demand for an album is pretty high, so finally in 2006 they unleash it upon us. And it’s called; Devil.
Founding member Steffan Schulze also used be in Scariot, a band that now features members of Testament, Borknagar and Blood Red Throne. So you can safely say this guy has some good roots to begin with. What we are introduced to on Devil is some fine brutal thrash metal. As with my previous thrash metal album review, I again have to say that there’s again virtually no variation or originality. But that still doesn’t matter, we’re talking about thrash metal here. No harm done.

What these guys do have, is a bunch of killer riffs, that luckily do vary in tempo. From high speed thrash assaults, to the mid-tempo headbangers, to the lethal mosh breakdowns. Add a very nice production by Valle Adzic and you’ve got yourself over 30 minutes of brutal mayhem to annoy your parents with.
The guitar work is on quite a high level. There are some fast fiddles that give just that extra boost when necessary. The vocals consist of harsh screams with a little hardcore-like undertone to it, nothing really special.
To conclude it all, we have a nice and tight thrash piece in our hands, and I doubt that we’ve heard the last of Harm.
Harm - Devil
75/1001Details Sublife Productions
Released on Monday Sep 11th, 2006
thrash metal

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Sep 19th, 2006

Tags: #Harm
Tracklisting 1. Agression
2. Backfire
3. Kvalt
4. Devil
5. Harm Unleashed
6. Burn
7. Reflection
8. Planet God
9. Rolling the Dice
10. Instinctive, Reflex, Revenge
Line up Steffan Schulze - bass/vocals
Tor Erik Andersen - lead guitar
Tov Aanonsen - drums
Ronnie Eriksen - rhythm guitar
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