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Harm - The Nine
When was the last time you went to MacDonalzzz? Remember the feeling after you stuffed away your McNuggets with sweet and sour? You've had it a billion times before, it didn't taste really good then and didn't just now and you wish you had gone to the Italian panini place down the street to get some decent fucking food. That's the feeling you get after listening to this album.

Harm is planning to take over the world by stealing from every rock metal genre out there and have some dude doing his utmost best to sound like Jonathan Davis. The fact that he fails miserably doesn't matter, we'll send out the album anyway. The Nine can best be described as a bad Korn copy with bad production to boot. Sure, the riffs are there, sure the drums are good, sure there are some things in Harm's defence but the thing that will always remain is the plain fact that it has been done before many many many many times and it has been done much much much much better.

Too bad, because the music is in there. These guys probably sat down had a cup of tea with some cookies and talked about what musical direction they should have gone. Don't do that, just fucking play and see what comes to ya.

Move along, nothing to see here....
Harm - The Nine
50/1001Details Hypnotic
Released on Monday Feb 1st, 2010
A lot

Writer @LondonCustoms on Monday Feb 1st, 2010

Tags: #Harm
Tracklisting 01. The Salem Parade
02. Little Pariah
03. Phillistine
04. Another Conspiracy
05. Stuck In Time
06. Argue And Grin
07. The Chelsea Smile
08. Hand Me Down Virtue
09. Pretentious
10. Sentimental Enterprise
Line up Steve Sharpen - Vocals
Ania Fitch - Bass
Enrique Changanaqui - Drums
Mike Allen - Guitar
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